Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So much on my mind!

I'm just gonna type. I have no idea where this post is going to go.

I've got a lot on my mind.
I'm hoping Caleb and I can pay off a crapton of debt this month.
I'm obsessing over our budget, making changes, tweaking it all the time.
I'm praying my mom finds a job when she moves home.
I'm feeling thankful that I've got two jobs, but I'm also feeling stressed because I've got two jobs.
I'm the first to admit I had a weird, tear filled meltdown last night.

I'm thrilled Caleb and I finally have a (safe) car.
I'm so thankful I have quite a few amazing friends I know I can depend on.
I'm praying that these piles of laundry will all be done soon.
Wishing I had a little more time so I could finally finish a book or two.
I can't wait to have our debt paid off and start saving for a house (can we fast forward 2 years?!)!!
Who am I kidding, I can hardly decorate our little apartment as it is. Ha! *forehead slap emoji*

Wishing I was good at doing my own nails. They are neglected.
Excited that Caleb and I got to see my grandparents and brother last night.
...oh, and that they made us chili (and gave us leftovers).
Thankful I have a roof over my head.
Caleb and I have been listening to a lot more country than usual, and we love it.
So happy we're getting back into lifting at the gym. Caleb is amazing to have there with me.

^^^ Cracking up at things like that above! ^^^ cutest ring bearer ever?
Wishing we had our pumpkins to carve already. I'm scared that there won't be any left!!
I had one of the worst dreams ever last night that made me wake up covered in sweat. *scary*
Excited for my first Skype photography consultation tonight!
Really beginning to brainstorm Halloween costume ideas! So excited.

I know guys, most random post ever. I just had a lot on my mind with no real agenda for this post at all...per the usual. So that's what you get :) what random things are running through your head today?!


  1. You handle your two jobs very gracefully
    Budget and money stress is the worst. Thanks, adulthood
    Rick blasts country through our house every night
    Happy Hump Day!

  2. So many to-do's and so little time! I feel like my mind is always spinning with similar things, and I'm not a very patient person lol! The one thing that has helped me be able to slow that mind down is know that I can only put out 1 fire at a time. You're doing so many great things in your life!

  3. Don't you just love when your mind won't quit?! I think it's a hard balance sometimes of just enjoying life and feeling like you need to do all these things to get to where you want! And sometimes you just need a good cryfest to get through it and past it! One more thing to think about: my visit to Cincy next year!!! :) Totally happening again!!

  4. Honestly, I have no idea how you handle two jobs, a husband, working out, and a normal life! No wonder your mind is going a mile a minute. We don't have our pumpkins yet either and I'm getting so antsy about it!

  5. It's hard not to worry about things....but you've got this! Enjoy the journey, my friend! Which I know you are, for sure. And make sure to take lots of time for yourself as well!! :)

  6. You'll find time for a book soon, I promise!! I felt that way last year with a few months of crazy but I finally found down time and it was glorious!!

  7. Oh I know how you're feeling right now. Hope you can get a handle on all the unknowns and all the good things keep being good :)

  8. i cant wait to be an adult said no adult ever.

    1. AGREE with Meredith!!!! Ohh, to be "young" again...

  9. I love working out with my husband, too. It's so much more fun doing the workout together, instead of on our own.

  10. My piles of laundry are NEVER done, ha! And that ringbearer seriously looks like he's yelling at you!!

  11. OVER THINKER PROBS. Been there. And I'm right there with you about the budget obsession. As much as we do to pay down our debt, I'm always worried we aren't doing enough. How can we pay this off faster?! It's hard to just let it go...

  12. All of what you just shared is what goes through my mind the very second that I lay my head down at night to sleep. Being an adult, even a Mom, makes me think far more than I would like.


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