Friday, October 17, 2014

Looking forward to...

Typically Friday's in blog land are to talk about your past week, a few favorite things from your week, etc...but this Friday I want to mix it up a little bit and talk about a few things I'm looking forward to!

Taking a half day and going on a road trip this weekend!
That's right. We're going BACK to Mount Vernon this weekend to celebrate the marriage of one of Caleb's college roommates, and we're so excited for them! We get to stay on campus where we went to college, so THAT will bring back a few memories!! We're also hoping to bring the tripod and snag a few pics on campus near some pretty Fall colors. We'll see!!

Do you guys remember me talking about my amazing friend Renee? All I can say is thank God for the internet for bringing us together. Girlfriend is one of the sweetest souls ever!! Not only that, but she's an AMAZING photographer, getting married in December, and moving to Hawaii next year. Talk about a whirlwind. She's wanting to redo her portfolio so she's asked Caleb and I to be her models and I am dying for Sunday to get here. I get to wear my dress AND yellow shoes again. Oh, and did I mention I get my hair and make up done for free? I could get used to that. I can't wait to take this beauty out of the bag come Sunday!!

I just settled a date with a few of my favorite ladies in my family to bake cookies all day in December. I know "too soon, Kayla!", but it ever too soon to start preparing for the wonderful season of Christmas?!? Besides, cookies are an all-year-round sort of thing ;) I also can't wait for Halloween, and Thanksgiving...just for the record!!

All these edits I have to finish.
As much time as it takes up in my day-to-day life, I find myself smiling right along as I look back at pictures I've snapped. Memories, captured in time...that I GOT to be a part of. So cool!

My mom coming home.
Guys. I pick her up from the airport on the 27th. I mean!!! That is so soon. Can't wait to squeeze her! I'm really excited to see what God has in store for this season in her life. Looking forward to midnight movies, sweet tea and lots of laughter and healing on the way.

Caleb's 26th birthday.
It's next Sunday! Well, the 26th (yep, its his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY...its a thing, look it up)!! I can't wait to spoil that man rotten. I love birthdays, and I love him mix the two, and you've got one excited gal over here.

What are you guys looking forward to?


  1. SO many great things coming your way!! I love putting my dress back on! Sometimes I come home and take it out of the bag just to play in it for a few minutes (and make sure it still fits! haha). I can't wait to see the pictures she takes!! They'll be stunning, I'm sure! I've been deep in prayer for your sweet mama and your family for the great things to come!!

  2. oooh yay dressing up and pics! have fun!

  3. Sooo many wonderful things headed your way missy! Hope ya'll have a wonderful trip, and even more fun taking pics again in your wedding dress. How cool is that?! Happy Friday!

  4. Oh my goooosh, getting to get back in the wedding get up?!! Um, hello! That sounds so so fun!! Eeeeek. So cool. Also, let's have a Skype date/long distance Christmas cookie bake-a-thon, mmmkay? Haha, love that you're already planning Christmasy things. Same!

  5. I think all the time about what a shame it is I'll never get to wear my wedding dress again. I'd love an excuse to put it back on! That photo shoot sounds so fun!
    Yay for all the happy things you have to look forward to!

  6. Enjoy Mt Vernon!!! :) I miss that campus- I know it'll be GORGEOUS when you guys get up there!

  7. Oooh can't wait to see these new pics of you guys. I've always wondered if I'd fit into my dress still :)

  8. You have a GREAT weekend ahead of you!!! :) I love visiting college again - enjoy!! That's so cool you'll get to model your wedding dress again! You should probably do that yearly or something :P Your mom is home SO soooon!! Golden birthdays are totally a thing! Love that last picture :)

  9. Happy early golden birthday to Caleb! I hadn't heard of them before last year and I think they're so fun. How cool that you get to model in your wedding dress and get pampered!

  10. Waving Hello from nearby Mansfield :) How exciting to have those photos in your dress again! And now you have dark hair ;) Fun! Yeh for baking dates! I will be setting my dates very soon!

  11. So many things coming up! Can't wait to see you in your wedding dress again! So gorgeous. Also, your mom is coming home so very soon! I can't wait to hear how wonderful it is to spend time with her. Have a great weekend, love!

  12. "Look it up, it's a thing!" haha!! My golden birthday was when I was 13 years old, but at that time, I had no idea what it was! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!

  13. You have so many great things coming up! I am so excited to see what is in store for you and your mom! I bet you can't wait until the 27th!!! :-)

  14. I LOVE putting my wedding dress back on! Hope you had a fantastic time!


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