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Monday, September 22, 2014

Weddings and Wins!

This weekend was pretty busy. Our in laws came over and we had dinner with them, Erin and Jared Friday night. Saturday when we woke up, we relaxed for just a bit before a really long day began! We shot an incredible wedding and really had a blast. They couldn't have gotten better weather if they tried...although it was super sunny during their ceremony! The couple was just so in love, it actually brought tears to my eyes like 4 separate times that day! After a 12.5 hour day (and one heck of a dinner), we went home.

Sunday we skipped church (whoops!), and I was able to go to the Bengals game. My sweet, sweet Erin gave me an extra ticket she had and I was able to spend the day at the stadium with my man and some other family. The Bengals stomped all over those silly Titans just like I knew they would and our boys are 3-0! WOO!

We are so normal.

Caleb got a surprise call that he'd have the day off today, so I'm insanely jealous of that. There's nothing I want more than to be at home with him right now. After 3 wedding weekends in a row, we're ready for a little break. Is this weekend here yet!??! We have no plans...and I'm seriously excited about it. The Bengals even have a bye week so we have ZERO plans.  Did I mention that?! ;) This rarely I'm gonna do my best to get through this week and soak up as much time with my man as I can!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?
Also - yesterday was my mom's birthday. Can't wait until she's home so I can squeeze her!!!


  1. WOOOHOO, Bengals game!!! That's so awesome Erin gave you the ticket, sounds like a fun game.

    Glad the wedding had awesome weather, I know the shots were beautiful.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. I thought of you guys while we in Titan country were hanging our heads in shame. hahaha.

  3. I shot a wedding on Saturday too and it was the perfect weather!!! (Although I only worked a 9 hour day....shew - I can't believe you worked over 12! Weddings are super exhausting to work!!) So glad you have the weekend off! I have the weekend off too and I'm sooooo happy about it!! (although it's not really "off" when you have 1000 pictures to edit!)

  4. This was my weekend of nothing and it was great!! I was even a bad daughter and told my mom I couldn't come out to help them paint their basement because I just wanted to relax on the couch haha. Love the shots from the wedding!! Woohoo to our teams being 3 and 0 :) :) :)

  5. BEST TEAM IN THE NFL. That's not me talking - that is several NFL power rankings talking. I'll never get used to this undefeated feeling. Also, so very strange, but my boyfriend had today off randomly, too. I've been sitting at work, trying to think of ways to head home early.

  6. man I'm loving your hair!! what a great weekend!

  7. We had a super busy weekend last weekend and nothing planned for this weekend and we couldn't be more excited either!! Hope you had fun at the Bengals game cheering on Dalton. I went to college with him and he is just an outstanding person. So freaking nice.

    Love your photos!! Did you take a photography class?

  8. BENGALS!! I can't believe how awesome we've been this season! That's great that you got to head to the stadium to see such a good win. Hope you get to relax next weekend! I'm right there with you - I have been so busy lately, and the next few weekends are all booked too. I'm ready for a nap now, please.

  9. 3-0 is the way to go, boys! Hope you had a great weekend, I knew we did!


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