Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Confess sesh...

...one time, Caleb and I had a wing eating contest. He ate 19, I ate 27.
...sometimes I add sugar to already sweetened tea!
...I crack my knuckles like crazy.

...I could eat 9 helpings of cotton candy in one sitting.

...I apologize way too much over nothing.
...have worn my sports bra two consecutive days in a row without washing it.
...if the pizza is free, I'm always up for a slice.
...I spend way too much time on Pinterest looking at clothes I can't afford.

...I absolutely love my job. Even when it is a 12 hour day.

...I've left my wedding ring in a bathroom twice because I would take it off when I washed my hands.
...don't give me a bag of shredded coconut unless you want me to finish it.
...I cry watching 30 for 30 (don't tell me I'm alone).

...that this is totally me at work most days.

...my car currently sounds like a go-cart and I'm too cheap to fix it.
...milk makes me want to gag.
...most nights I'd rather just order a pizza than cook a real meal.
...I usually hit snooze at least 3 times each morning

Yes, I do realize the majority of my 'confessions' are about food, but I'm not sorry about it ;)
What's one random confession you'll share today!?! Happy Tuesday, friends! *but really, is it Friday yet?!!?


  1. I think you're confession might be saying "I have a fat girl inside me" lol

    My confession is... I feel like the more weight I lose the more self conscious I become. (I went a little deeper then you.. Haha)

  2. Oh I'm an extra sugar girl too. Keith hates sharing tea with me BC of that reason. I can't not put sweet n low in. It's a rule!

  3. haha i always felt bad about double wearing the sports bra but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

  4. I drink diet Coke about once a week, but I'd rather have the non-diet version (McDonald's fountain Coke is the best).

  5. Oh double wearing the dirty clothes is so a thing up in here! As are all the food related confessions...YUM!

  6. I cry in every 30 for 30. It's impossible not to.

  7. I can relate to so many of these, particularly the cracking knuckles and crying during 30 for 30. That is a masterpiece series and I've seen guys cry at many a show. No shame there. Also, that gif is incredible...because I always want a soft pretzel. Always.

  8. lol to Caleb's face!! And WHERE have you left your wedding ring?!!

  9. I confess that I have a sad obsession with cows. I also point them out every time I see them. My husband thinks I am super weird for it.

  10. Yep...sounds about like me! (as I'm sitting here cracking my knuckles....)

  11. I can't tell you the last time I washed any of my bras. So, there's that.

  12. Sometimes a little confessional goes a long way.

  13. Tears every time I watch 30 for 30

  14. i confess i had to google what 30 for 30 is! haha and i agree, if the pizza is free i'm going to have a slice!


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