Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What weekends do to me.

They straight up wear me OUT. Especially when they are as busy as mine was!
This weekend was one to remember though, that's for sure. I had a blast celebrating one of my best friends and her wedding weekend! Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at the church, and I was so happy my husband was there with me. We had fun listening to toasts and eating pizza catered in from a little shop in Dayton. Honestly, I have no words for the amount of fun I had Friday night into Saturday. I got to have a sleepover with my college besties, and I laughed so hard I almost got sick...ha! So, I'll let the thousand pictures I took do the talking. 
Rehearsal dinner.
Getting our nails done, and hitting up Cheesecake Factory!

Around 2:30AM, Lyndsie and I finally fell asleep (after laughing way too hard!)
When we woke up...it was time for ALL THINGS WEDDING!
and their adorable pup, Bullet.
I was in LOVE with my hair, the stylist did a great job!!
"I feel like a real WIFE now!!"

Becca gifted us these robes the night before. LOVE!

As for Becca? She looked absolutely STUNNING...I teared up just looking at her!!

We had way too much fun this entire morning. We headed off to the church, and Becca got in her dress. Then it was time for a few selfies before she walked down that aisle!
Top left...yeah, I just couldn't stop sweating. Don't mind me :)
The ceremony was beautiful! I truly am so happy for the two of them. It was fun being in a wedding, I quite liked it. Can't wait for the next! As for the reception? It was STUNNING. I left my camera in the car for it on accident, but I can promise you it was gorgeous. She and her mom did an absolute gorgeous job on the venue. I was in love! Caleb and I had a great time, too. I'm thankful he had a place to stay while I crashed with the girls (thanks, Tyler!), and that I could squeeze him at the reception. Love this handsome man!

Sunday was another busy day. I had an engagement shoot in the early afternoon, and then also got to visit my grandpa Phil in the hospital. It was so great seeing him, and although he couldn't talk. He wrote notes and gestured most of his responses. We spent a good hour with him, and it was so great. Thanks for all your sweet prayers.

Once we got home, we had a few people over for a Superbowl party. All I have to say is -- that was the most uneventful game I've ever seen. The Bronco's got shut down, and the commercials weren't all that great this year. There were a few good ones, but overall I didn't love them...but hanging out witha a few of my favorite people definitely made up for it!
Hope you all had a fun weekend!


  1. YAY for fun weekends sweet friend. It looks like it was just as beautiful as you ladies are. I love love and getting to celebrate that with people. Hope you are rested and ready to tackle the rest of this week. Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I am in love with those bridesmaid dresses. How different being IN a wedding?! Less stress ;) It really does look like such a fun weekend. I can just hear the laughing through all of those sweet pictures!

  3. You need a weekend from your weekend! :P I'm so glad you had a great time - you all look beautiful!! This made me so excited for the wedding I'll be in in August too!

  4. Seriously, I love those bridesmaid dresses...you could totally wear it again (just have it cut and make it shorter). ;o) It's so fun celebrating love. I always get so sappy at weddings. It's a brand new beginning. :D

  5. I have a dog just like Bullet, love my weim! & looks like a really fun weekend! Hopefully this weekend you're able to relax.

  6. What beautiful pictures/people! And were those bridesmaid dresses by chance Alfred Angelo dresses? I have similar Alfred Angelo dresses just like those picked out for my girls :-)

  7. Wedding weekends are always so fun, but SO exhausting!! :) And I really want a manicure now... lol!

  8. Oh my gosh- I love weddings. Especially when you're in them- it's just so much fun to see one of your best friends get married!!

  9. You guys all looked so pretty! I love your hair (& everyone else's too)!

  10. I love that color! You all looked so pretty and your hair is do die for - love it!


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