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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Caleb's (kind of) surprise!

Happy Halloween!!! It's so weird that I have no costume, and have no orange on today. My cute orange tank I had planned on wearing got thrown in the wrong pile and was all dirty and wrinkly (grouch), so I have on black and white... woops!

Anyway! As I said yesterday, I had another surprise waiting for Caleb once we arrived home. He just didn't know it yet.

Long story short... it didn't turn out how I planned. It was hard enough stalling all day to be sure we didn't get home any earlier than 5! .I may or may not have made Caleb stop at a Walmart cause I was "feeling sick"... anyyyyway!

This is where it gets tricky. Well, not really...when we got home, some of his friends were running late and weren't in our apartment yet. Well, a few seconds went by, and Caleb saw them outside. He was SO confused, so it was still fun to see his reaction to just wasn't the "surprise" I'd originally hoped for. Either way, it was a blast and I knew we had a night full of fun with all his old college friends waiting for us upstairs. He was so thrilled and just spent a few minutes outside with me thanking me for everything I'd done so far. He just couldn't believe it!

So, upstairs we went.

Made by my Erin!

As cheesy as it sounds, after the cake was cut...we all went around and introduced ourselves and said a few fun memories about Caleb. It started some interesting conversation, that is for sure!

This is probably my favorite picture of the night. I can just tell how much fun Caleb was having. Surrounded by his old friends.

Boys will be boys.

HUGE congrats to Rich and Amber!! They just got engaged last week, and he has asked Caleb to be in the wedding next October! Ahh I love fall weddings.

Also a MAJOR thank youuu to my soulmate, without her I could not have done ANY of this. I gave her my key, the supplies and a "good luck!" and she set EVERYTHING up the day of. She also made an incredible cheeseball (rolled in Caleb's favorite, Doritos!) and a delicious pasta salad that I may or may not have inhaled. Okay, I did.

Sibling looove :)

The wives! These are some seriously great ladies I'm so happy to know!

After nearly 5 hours of hanging out, our friends started to head home. Oh, did i mention MOST  of them drove over an hour and a half to help celebrate? We have some great people in our lives, I'll tell ya.

Shortly after most everyone had left, I gave Caleb his actual present -- an orange and grey Under Armour hoodie. He hasn't really taken it off since... :) I think he likes it?

To say Caleb's birthday weekend was a blast would be an understatement. I'm so happy he had a great weekend!! He's the best husband ever and so good to me on a daily basis, that I wanted to be sure he had a weekend worth remembering!
Hope it was great Caleb, you're amazing!

PS - although its Halloween, we are not passing out candy. First, we live in an apartment complex (do people even do that?!). Second, we are hitting up the gym after work, and spending the evening at my grandparents (bro/sis in law to join us!) and hopefullllyy by the end of the night? We'll be celebrating a Bengals W! 


  1. So fun! Even when the plans change, it sounds like he had a blast. How could he have not?! That picture of all the guys cracks me up.

  2. i just had a major realization!!! you and Erin are Sissy in Laws?!?! Say what? I am obsessed with this information. she is just a doll and i have always blog crushed on her. looks like so much fun!!!

  3. Major wife points for you!! Wow! I love this! Great job Kayla! (and Erin!)

  4. sp great that you guys have so many great friends that are willing to take a little "roadtrip" just to celebrate caleb's birthday!!
    and don't feel bad about not handing out candy.. i haven't yet. one year was in an apt and i think that's weird, and the past 2 years austin has had class on halloween so i hide out in my house and pretend i'm not home. gosh that sounds awful. but i think handing out candy by myself is weird. hah!

  5. So cute! Glad he had such a great time...and yay good friends!

  6. Looks so much fun!! I love every one of the ladies in that picture!! :)

  7. I'm so glad it was a great great weekend! You and Caleb are awesome together, plain and simple! :) All that food looks delicious too!

  8. Y'all are adorable, Kayla. Seriously. Such a good little wifey you are! I love surprises!

  9. Wife award goes to..... KAYLA! Goodness, you go girl - I'm sure he was so happy and feels so blessed to have you in his life!

  10. Happy to help, ma'am!!! ;) So glad Caleb had an awesome birthday. PS- I might actually like that picture of us!!!

  11. Such a sweet surprise!!! my old apartment passed our door hanger signs and if you wanted to participate in trick or treat you hung it out and kids knew to only stop at those places!

  12. Glad it turned out to be a great evening even though the surprise didn't go quite as planned!

  13. Awesome surprise party! I am stuck on the doritos cheese ball.

  14. You and erin are SO presh! I love that you guys are so close. also I cant wait to be married and do fun things for my husband!
    Now if only i could find!

  15. You are the sweetest wife ever!! Caleb REALLY did look so happy! You guys are blessed with a great group of friends!

  16. Awww! Such a sweet idea to plan a surprise party for him! He's a lucky guy to have you! WHO-DEY?!

  17. looks like such a fun party, what a kind gesture!

  18. How sweet and cute are you!?!?? Tyler's birthday is in March. Too soon to plan??


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