Monday, September 9, 2013

Roller coaster of a weekend.

When I say my weekend was a roller coaster...I mean it.

Friday night, was awesome. We babysat one of our favorite little gals in the whole world. Sweet little miss Nora! She definitely kept us busy! It was fun to walk around with her and pretend she was ours ;)

One thing she did really want was ice cream...and she had been so good, so Caleb ran to Wendy's and treated  us to some little Frostys.

Well melt my freaking heart.

Saturday... we did nothing. Like, absolutely nothing. This was probably the most exciting thing I did that day. Aside from obviously hanging out with my super hot husband and going for a Jungle Jim's run.


Oh Sunday. You were the roller coaster I speak of. We missed church, and ended up cleaning our place. We got it all ready, and anticipated the sweetest time of year. The Bengals first game of the year...and that sweet sweet kickoff.

We were so pumped. Chips and dips in hand...awaiting that sweet victory.
Until, that didn't happen.
I don't know what was obviously the fact that we didn't cheer hard enough.

JK... if you saw my instagram video you know that's a joke.
We might be some of the most awesome fans I know.

Anywho... we lost...and it kind of affected our entire day. BUT we are looking up. Refs may be stupid sometimes, but was a good game to watch. We're proud of our Bengals and can't wait to watch them take the W over the Steelers soon!

So, thinking our day was ruined... we got in the car to head to help lead our church's youth group, and once again...those awesome teens reminded me how sweet life is. One of them actually said something to me that made me feel like I am making a difference in their lives. & that was amazing.

Hope you all had a great weekend.
I'm overjoyed that football season is FINALLY upon us.
I'm also excited that I maaaay end up beating Caleb's Dad in Fantasy football. #whatsupppp!

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  1. Is it weird to say I can't wait to see you guys be our future kids aunt and uncle?! You both rock with kids :) Thanks for having us over girllll, we'll get those dirty Steelers next week!!!!

  2. You guys are the best fans! All four of you! Sorry bout the loss.. at least they still have the rest of the season! =)
    Ohhh my gosh your husband with that little girl. SO cute!

  3. Um Nora is the cutest little girl!! And those pictures of her running to Caleb - wayyy too precious! Sorry about the loss :( But judging from your instagram video, you definitely cheered enough :)

  4. your weekends sounds great lol! i don't really care for football lol but i love football season!!! the food, being at home, the food, cheering your team on, the food...:)

  5. Totally sucks that the Bengals lost. But next week will be a different story!

  6. doing nothing is sometimes the absolute best!! that little girl is too cute!

  7. That sad picture of you guys is hilarious.

  8. That little Nora babe is adorable. And I feel you on the football loss. Holy heck word was mine awful.

  9. The picture of you blowing the bubble (with the description) is my favorite thing ever. I love days where there is nothing on the agenda. And that is so sweet that Caleb ran out to get her ice cream...those little ones always want treats (which I don't mind, because I want them too!) :-)

  10. My Packers lost too...whomp whomp. Crossing my fingers that both of our teams win next weekend :) P.S. I am in love with that last pic of y'all! HA

  11. I love weekends like this! I think we pretty much had the same!! ha

  12. Ohhhh my gosh! Can y'all have a kid already because you guys look like the cutest little family ever. Weird? hehe But you and Erin are presh and I love you both.

  13. Love the bubble pic...haha. Those kind of days are necessary!!

  14. Awwwhh Nora is adorable! I've gotta say, I was pretty happy about the Niners starting off the season strong- so excited for football this fall!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  15. We really miss being a part of our church's youth group, it's just too difficult with Jack's early bed time.

  16. So did you beat Caleb's dad? I couldn't believe how horrible the whole AFC North did, but at least we're all in the same boat for now. I don't have high hopes for the Steelers this season.

  17. LOL Your pictures are priceless! I love them all. Fun weekend, thank you for sharing :)


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