Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy things!

Happy Saturdaaayy everyone! I'm so happy its the weekend. Caleb and I were actually able to sleep in , then I went on a nice run... except when I say nice...I mean slow, pathetic, and really just sad. But hey, I did it, and that's what counts. I was proud of myself, and that made me happy.

Speaking of things that make me happy.
-Caleb and I got to babysit one of our favorite little girls in the world last night.
-The Reds are finally on a channel we get (we don't have cable! So Caleb's day is practically already made!)
-The Bengals are on tomorrow, their first regular season game....and we're having our best friends over to enjoy it with us.
-Cinnamon toast!
-Finding inspiration for this little blog of mine.

Another thing that makes me happy? Photography gear!
I was contacted by The LA Shop a few weeks ago to review a photography backdrop set up! I jumped at the opportunity, since Caleb and I had a Karate tournament to shoot coming up to help his brother out.

Once I ordered the item, it came surprisingly quick! Like, lightning fast. It came with marked letters/numbers on the bars/hooks to make set up a very easy process, I didn't even need my husband to help!

The backdrop was perfect for our shoot and we had a blast. Like I said, setup and tear down was EXTREMELY easy, and it came in a convenient bag no bigger than my yoga mat bag... so clearly, super easy to carry around.

The LA Shop has SO much to choose from. Although I chose a photography related item, they have hundreds of products that I'd love to own (liiiiike a cotton candy machine, home furnishings, office supplies, the list seriously goes on and on!). So, if you're looking for a quick gift for a friend, I think you might want to check this page out, first!

Anyway, I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend. I know I will!

*The LA Shop contacted me to review a product of my choosing. I was not compensated other than the backdrop in exchange for my honest opinion for my blog readers. Thanks!

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