Friday, August 23, 2013

Yeah, we're crazy!

Yay! Its Friday. Although, yesterday at the office felt a lot like Friday, too. Oh that's right...maybe because I have the day off today! Yeaaah!

Caleb and I are out of town celebrating a very fun couple whom we love DEARLY! His childhood friend, Alex is getting married this weekend and has asked Caleb to be a groomsmen. Alex was also in our wedding, as a groomsmen. Their friendship is nothing short of amazing, and Alex is one hilarious guy! His bride-to-be, just as amazing. She is SO much fun and so so sweet, and is going to be the most beautiful bride! So, Alex & Kelsey, we're ecstatic to kick off this beautiful weekend with you both, and some great food. ;)

Not at all awkward transition.

So, my soulmate SIL and I have decided to be those crazy idiots who sign up for a half marathon.

You see, it all started this past May when we watched our men cross the finish line together in Cincy's annual Flying Pig Half Marathon. We both teared up as we watched them cross and vowed that one day, we would dress up like complete crazies, and hold hands in happy tears as we crossed the finish day.
& no...Caleb and Jared didn't cross the finish line holding hands ;)

Well let me tell day came awfully fast.
Two short days ago, I got an email from The Flying Pig saying that registration was now open (yes, almost 9 months in advance), and the price is crazy low if you register this early. I had the crazy idea to just click the "register" button, but realized I should probably chat this over with my husband, first. So, in the mean time...I emailed Erin. After some "could we REALLY do this?!" emails, we have decided to take the plunge.
We're excited, nervous, scared as crap...and rightly so. We can hardly run two miles straight as of today.

So, my question to all my runner friends are -- what are some good tips? We found a pretty good training program, and plan to first train for a typical 5K, then a 10K, and then the half marathon. Since we have over 30 weeks to train!

& my question to my non-runner friends, what the heck should we wear?! Tutu's? High socks? Crazy colors?! There are no limits!

Have a great weekend, friends!!


  1. Share your training program! A half-marathon was my New Year's resolution this year Maybe you can inspire me to start running again ;)

  2. You are NOT crazy! I've done 2 marathons and 4 half marathons, and I'm not even a runner! (They let walkers do it too.) GO FOR IT! :)

  3. omg awesome!! I'm sure you guys will totally rock it!

  4. I'm soooooo excited for you. I might come to watch you two cross the finish line. I'm working on my 10k training right now and I'm slacking majorly.

  5. I have no advice. I've noticed everyone raving about the C25K app.
    Just wanna wish you two good luck! :)

  6. oh my goodness! I'm too scare to try a half marathon, I'm sticking to my 5Ks for now...

  7. Well....I say go for the tutus!!! :-) But advice from me. I can't run down the block. But YOU are going to rock it!

  8. I'm SOO excited for you guys!! I know you can do it!! I'll email you with some tips :)

  9. love that you girls are going to do that! tutus for sure! ;)

  10. Hope you're having an amazing time at the wedding and good luck on your training!!! :-)

  11. My advice to you is to not over-do the training... and you probably aren't going to be running 13.1 miles 3 times a week or anything right before the race so don't get discouraged if you can't. And remember there's no shame in walking, only quitting. I was training for a marathon (was, because I broke my arm) three times a week, which should be plenty! You don't want to wear your body out :).

  12. My biggest advice is what you've already done! Find a training program that fits you best (there are a jillion out there!). I needed a 14 week, non-weight-training-included plan that had no more than 4 run days scheduled. Sure enough, I found one, stuck to it, and have completed 2 half marathons so far (and I'm thinking of doing another in the future)

  13. This so awesome! My husband and I did a half three years ago and we DID cross the line holding hands! We are mushballs! Good luck with your training. Def do your long runs on the same morning and time that the race will be. It will help you prepare for the weather...maybe! Definitely stay hydrated during the race and just have fun! :)

  14. So I'm a little behind on this, but you girls are going to rock it!!! This is know :) You'll have plenty of time to train. Definitely train for a 5K and possibly run a 10K before to boost your confidence. I recommend following a half marathon training program for 12-weeks before the race! Let me know if you need a program! I've followed Hal Higdon for all of my halves and it's worked thus far!


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