Monday, August 26, 2013

Walkin in Memphis!

Friday, I took the day off so we could road trip with our faves to Memphis, TN and watch one of Caleb's childhood friends tie the knot. Also, Caleb was in the wedding...and Jared (his brother!) was an usher. It was so fun! They had their ceremony and reception in an ADORABLE southern ballroom that Erin and I just could not get enough of.


Stolen from Erin ;)
Us with the groom!

Then Caleb decided to get up there and give a speech...which totally made me cry. Alex is SUCH a great guy, and his bride is such an amazing, beautiful person and I'm so excited to continue getting to know her. It was really cool to listen to all the speeches, and see how loved this great couple is. We are so blessed to know them!

Saturday, after Erin and I stuffed our faces with Mexican (woops!) with our husbands, we dropped the guys off at the ballroom to get ready with the groom, and Erin and I went back to the hotel to enjoy a few hours of free time (ie; giggling, taking videos, drinking mountain dew and blasting Katy Perry) before the fun got started.

Then, we were off in the car.... thank goodness for AC, it was literally BLAZING outside!
We arrived to the ceremony spot, and it looked even more beautiful than it did the night before.

Seriously, when I saw Caleb...I couldn't get enough of his adorable hairstyle. He has NEVER done this, and I think he totally pulls it off. I have one hunky husband, if I do say so myself.

Seriously, how gorgeous is she?!
The kiss!!
& just after, it was time for some appetizers and dancing.
The new couple ate together upstairs in private before coming down to be a part of the reception. It was an adorable idea, and we were all so excited when they came down! I totally remember those few sweet moments Caleb and I got together on our big day, and it was so much fun!

The decorations were simple, and gorgeous!

This may or may not be my new favorite shot of us! Thanks, Erin!

The new Mr. and Mrs!!!

Their first dance was ABSOLUTELY precious. One of their groomsmen wrote the song, and sang it for them. Definitely not a dry eye in the place, and I WILL buy purchasing it when he puts it up on itunes...he was great!

Erin and I with the beautiful bride!!

Honestly, how adorable are they?

We had a night full of fun dancing, and then we finished the night with a sparkler send-off!

It was a long drive out there, but so so worth it to spend it with our best friends. We love you, Alex & Kelsey, and we wish you two all the good things in life and MORE!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. What a fun weekend! I love the color of her bridesmaid dresses. That shot of you and Caleb at the wedding is defintely frame worthy too - go Erin :)

  2. HA! Caleb's gesture walking that girl down the aisle. I giggled...and almost spit my coffee out laughing. So funny!

  3. You were in my neck of the woods! Looks like y'all had so much fun!

  4. WHAT would I do without you?! :) I love our lives together!!!

  5. Looks like such a fun time! I love that chalkboard listing of the wedding party, and their colors are gorgeous! I highly endorse August 24 as a wedding date -- it was mine 22 years ago!

  6. what a fun wedding! I loved the bride's dress!

  7. I love that dress on you! What a fun weekend :)

  8. yay for your first wedding as a married couple. it is fun to be on that side :-) love your hair kayla it is gorgeous

  9. This was wedding weekend for sure! So glad you guys were able to go...what a fun weekend. You looked so amazing!!

  10. weddings, don't you just love them? so much happiness! you looked great, love your green dress :)

  11. Love all your pictures, pretty lady! You guys had an amazing background for the fun, goofy ones! :)

  12. It looks like it was SO much fun. I love your dress.


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