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Friday, August 16, 2013

Its the afterpaaarty {part 1}

First of all, I want to apologize. I know I said this post was going to be like a million pictures, etc... but, listen guys. Life kind of got in the way last night. So instead, I decided to enjoy some much needed time with friends. Besides, this post would've been WAY too long, so I'll be splitting it up into next week. Yayyy.

Anyway! Lets get started, shall we?
Our reception was located right outside of the church in a huge white tent with lights hung and a dance floor in the middle. It was perfect, aside from the few lights you'll see that didn't light up...but like I said, that was our biggest problem all day. So I'd say it was a success!

These are just a few reception details. We kept it very simple!

We had muslin bags full of our favorite candies as favors!
Giant metal tubs (my fav!) to hold drinks!
Hand made centerpieces!

We kicked off the night with our fun walk in song... and the couples began getting introduced!

"aaaand for the first tiiiime; Mr and Mrs. Maaaaaggnnessssss"

So, we sit down. We're only sitting for a few seconds, when Jared looks over and tells Caleb he should go on the dance floor to thank everyone for coming. I look at Jared like he has 7 heads, "Uhh, did you do that at your wedding?!", he looks confused...but is trying his hardest to distract me. Caleb "gives in", gets up...and goes out on the floor. All the while I'm asking Jared "Why did you make him do that?", etc etc etc.

Here comes surprise #3.

He certainly did thank everyone for coming, but that wasn't all.

He turns to me, and says "You know, you do some crazy things for love..."
Suddenly one of our close friends, Josh is near him...and has set up two stools, brought over some microphone stands and two guitars. Whaaat is going on?!

Then it clicks. He was going to sing to me.
Thanks to Erin for catching this awesome reaction of mine
Pretty sure I said "shut UP!", or something along those lines, and then instantly burst into tears. :)
Have I mentioned I have one amazing husband?

 "you knew alll along didn't you, Jared!!?"

Obsessed with this shot.
Thanks for this shot, Erin!

The song he sang me? One of our favorites. One Republic's "Something I Need". Ugh, if you need me... I'll be in a puddle on the floor.

Then our guests got into it and we clapped along with the beat, it was overwhelming, really.

I was in shock, seriously. I remember saying to myself this is seriously happening?!!? It was just amazing. I absolutely couldn't believe that he just did that in front of everyone, and that he did it for me. I have one heck of a man.

Come back next week for the rest! Can't wait to show you guys all the fun that took place!


  1. Ohhh my gosh!! How freaking sweet!! This guy just keeps getting better & better! You've got a good man, my friend!!

    LOVE the cake topper. =D

    Have a good weekend!!

  2. I hope you had some serious water proof makeup that day, this is one of the most simple & sweetest weddings and it truly shows how much love you have for one another.

  3. I have LOVED going through all these pictures and reading your posts! Seriously such a gorgeous wedding! I would just die! I am so glad everything was perfect! What a great day!!

  4. That is so sweet of your husband! And OMG your reception was gorgeous! I am so going to copy like everything you did when I get married haha

  5. Ending your week of weddig recaps with happy tears :) what a beautiful relationship you and Caleb have

  6. How did you keep any make up on that day?! that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I love that your wedding was so full of LOVE! Also Lyndsie looks so happy for you in the shots she's in :)

  7. I'm not even kidding, I have tears in my eyes. That is SO sweet! And I swear I'm not a creeper/stalker but you seriously look so amazing in all of these pics. Spectacular bride!

  8. ok seriously your wedding was perfect! that cake is amazing. this is just gorgeous!

  9. Love love love all of your wedding posts, Kayla! Your day was truly beautiful and I love reading about how happy everyone was!

  10. Your reception was beautiful! I love the simplicity and your cake topper is so cute! I teared up a little at your story! What a sweet husband!

  11. What a gorgeous reception!!! How amazing that your man planned so many fabulous suprises! :-)

  12. I mean obviously I love EVERY single picture :) But I'm a little partial to the two of you and Jared having a moment! Love all our sibling love!!!!

  13. I just love that Caleb planned all of these special surprises for you. It shows that he really, really knows you and really, really loves you! These pictures are perfect. Just perfect!!

  14. Simple is always better in my opinion!

    I love love love that he sang to you! The pictures are just so sweet and will be so awesome to look back on in years to come!

  15. AMAZING! These pictures of him singing to you capture the moment so well!

  16. I am in love with your wedding decor: simple, yet perfect. Aaaaaand, I totally cried reading about him singing to you. So sweet!

  17. so incredibly sweet! you've got yourself a keeper there ;)

  18. Ahhh suc happy hearts friend. Your wedding screams your name. I LOVE that. :) happy weekend.

  19. THIS IS TOO MUCH. i can't even.

    caleb setting the bar high for every newlywed. :)

  20. I am DYING over here... talking pregnant hormonal mush on the floor... how freaking sweet are you guys?!?! that picture over his shoulder is the cutest thing ive ever seen.

    and I love your cake and topper, too!

  21. So stinkin' sweet Kayla! Love all your reactions! :)

  22. ohh my goodness! this made me tear up. your pictures are stunning!!!

  23. Oh my gosh tooooo much cuteness Kayla! From Caleb to the 'kayla and caleb wire bike' just too much to handle!

  24. Ahhhhh, a man singing to his girl is the MOST romantic thing ever...except when he sings in front of lots of people...NOW that's the most romantic thing!!! I die!! I wish I could hear need to post that! Hope someone got it on video!!


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