Monday, July 29, 2013

Your flaws are awesome.

Hiii Monday, you came all too early this time. My weekend was JAM stinking packed...and I kind of loved it. It was a fun, but emotional weekend. Saturday evening was a bit rough for me. I won't go into details, it just felt like life got a little overwhelming.

Which brings me into my post today... life isn't perfect, and I sure as heck am not either.
It kind of took me my entire life to realize I just had to embrace the things I saw/see wrong with myself.
When I was in middle school, I used to cry  to my mom because I thought I was fat, I didn't have "bony wrists" and thin faces like all my friends...even when I was a whopping 97 pounds. None of the boys noticed me, and I felt like the ugly duckling of my friends.

There were plenty of things that I absolutely hated about myself when I looked in the mirror. Silly things I'm sure not many other people noticed, that I just would've done anything at the time to change! It's sad really...that I couldn't just focus on the things that I did like about myself (as short as that list was).

As I've grown older, I've kind of learned to love (or at least, embrace) the things I once couldn't stand.

Yep, another wedding-day sneak peek for ya ;)
The list of things I didn't like about myself used to far outweigh the good.
I hated that I had to wear braces.
I hated that I also (yes, at the same time) had to wear glasses.
I didn't like my nose...
...or my right ear (its a little pointy)
I didn't like that I had short pinkies...(still do).
...and big knuckles.
That my eyes weren't bold enough, that my hair was just plain...
& I realllyy hated that my ankles weren't quite as skinny as the girls in the magazines.
Fast forward about 9 years. I'm finally learning to be happier with who I am.

I've learned that its not all about your appearance, but your intentions and how you treat people. It's also about treating others the way you've always wanted to be treated. It's about knowing when to do the right thing. It's about being generous even when its hard.

Funny side story...
Caleb insisted that I please choose a hairstyle that showed my ears on our wedding day...and I told him no freaking way. Well guess what I ended up doing?? A tight french twist...ears and all. I chose to rock those bad boys because you know what? My stupid pointy ear doesn't define me... its my attitude that counts.

I am slowly learning to love the things that make me, me.
my boxy chin that I got from my Dad,
the freckles that the summer sun gives me...
my green eyes that Caleb just adores,
my thinner than paper lips I got from my Nanny.
and so much more.

I still struggle with my appearance every now and then, especially my skin.
Then I just remember how good I really have it. I have a home, an amazing husband, food, clothes on my back, a big bed and warm showers every single day.

Life really is grand.
Remember, you are beautiful...and there is no one who can do you, better than you.

What flaws are you learning to embrace?


  1. Love this post!! It is exactly what I needed to hear right now :) I to struggled a lot in high school and college with my physical appearance. Its funny looking back now and wishing you could tell that girl that everything ends up working out just fine and that you are beautiful the way you are :) Thanks for the inspirational words!

  2. I love love love this post!!! I think we have all been in that position. You are gorgeous girl.

    I have learned even more now after having Breanna to embrace my curves and my body isnt the same as it was when I was in my 20s and never will be I also remind myself, I am no longer that teeny 20 yo. and just love myself like this.

  3. LOVE this post lady! I think everyone can relate to this. Even the models in the magazines with the skinny ankles have their own flaws. We just have to learn to love them!!


  4. such a great message! I think we are happier when we embrace and love ourselves, flaws included.

  5. It's so funny to me how the things we hate most about ourselves are the things that people end up loving the most. You are such a ray of sunshine and have the most beautiful heart. That is what people will see...not all the things we think are "wrong".

  6. This is such a great and inspiring post. My biggest flaw isn't appearance wise, but it's my confidence level, I always hated that I wasn't as cofident as other girls, I'm working on changing that though, with time


  7. Such a great post! I hated that I was always taller than the boys, scrawny, had big ears that stuck out, and girl I bet my coke bottle glasses put yours to shame!! :)

    p.s. I tagged you in a post-I'd love it if you played along!

  8. I love this post!! I think every girl can relate to this. It wasn't until the last few years that I finally started to embrace who I was. Peter helped a lot because every time I would complain about something, he said how he had never noticed or that he liked it! You are beautiful inside and out friend :) One of my favorite quotes is "Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”

  9. This title couldn't be more appropriate. Because you are beautiful, my friend, and your "flaws" are awesome! :)

  10. What a beautiful post girl! You are beautiful inside and out! We are always our own worst critic!

  11. I think this is a post that every middle school and high school girl needs to read. There's just so much comparing going on instead of embracing things that we are blessed with. How wonderful that I think of my mother every time I look at my hands. So even though my skin is kind of wrinkly on my hands, it's wonderful to know that they're the same as hers. that's more special than having smooth skin on my hands.

  12. Ahh thank you for such a good message today! I've been learning this myself more and more. I was definitely the fat girl growing up and that totally brought me down. But when I actually got healthy, I realized the things I'm proud of about my body and the things that even if I don't love them, someone else most likely does to an extent.

    And I've learned that when someone is looking into your eyes and sees the beauty in them (both literally and figuratively), then the rest of what we look like matters a whole lot less.

  13. I love this! I've always hated the way my feet look. They're a little wide and because I walk on the side of my feet, like my dad, the ball if my foot is wider than my toes. But I've learned to love them because I can't change them, and they're in the family. :)

  14. i agree with sam m ^^ on every middle school and high school girl needing to read this. so many go through those years wishing they looked like someone else, but i think also a lot of us even now grown, married, with kids go through those struggles the same. i know i'm just beginning to embrace some of my traits i considered flaws for so long. you are one beautiful girl friend, inside and out. :)

  15. You are gorgeous inside AND out lady :)

  16. what a sweet post! it's crazy to think back to jr high and high school and how i obsessed over every little thing about my appearance. and now i just try to appreciate the good things about myself and my life. so important to remember!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  17. I think everyone has those certain characteristics about themselves that they wish was different. So you're definitely not alone there. I think it's so wonderful to embrace the little things that make you "you". You have the cutest ears by the way...I'm glad Caleb encouraged that hair do :-) PS....What happened on Saturday?

  18. Sorry, you have short pinkies. We can't be friends anymore.

    PSYCH!! They actually make me 192384973247 times more excited to see you SO soon!! Which reminds me. We need to get planning!

  19. what a wonderful post! i think we should all embrace what we have and who we are. i know i will never have long, model legs with that perfect gap between the thighs because my giant quads get in the instead of frowning at them, i work them and make them strong and defined...and i'm ok with that! :D

  20. This might seem like a silly flaw to some.. but I have always had chubby cheeks.. I've always wanted a beautiful jaw line! Lately, though, I really have learned to love my cheeks for what they are because, you know what? God made me that way. And He thinks I'm perfectly cute :)

  21. You are beautiful friend. I love this post!!! I had to learn to embrace my freckles...I used to hate them especially when people thought I actually had dirt on my face, um no they are called freckles. Haha. Now I love them!

  22. Great post! I used to not like my big boobs, but now i have learned to embrace them. I have gotten nearer to embracing my nose and short torso...

  23. I can so relate! I didn't like my appearance at all growing up but gradually over time I truly learned to love myself, flaws and all! I've definitely been a much happier person ever since! So glad you've learned to embrace the beauty that is you as well!

  24. I live the sneak peak!! Beautiful!! I totally understand your thinking... Growing up I was a horrible compared.. Things have gotten much better with confidence in the word be blessed!!

    1. *love sorry my phone always wants me to live and not love:-)

  25. I LOOOVE this, which you probably already know.

    If we can accept our flaws, and really love who we are, we will never ever ever be any prettier than we are at that moment.

    you are gorgeous inside, and out! :)

  26. What a beautiful post! You are so inspiring! I have been reading your blog for a few months and just enjoy it so so much. I love how REAL you are in your posts (not to mention funny, cute, and entertaining!). Thank you so much for sharing:)

  27. Awh I love this! You are beautiful Kayla! Inside & out!

  28. HA! I love posts like this! I have sun spots that I haaate, but laura mercier helps me out with that.


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