Friday, June 28, 2013

Flavey faves!

I'm crazy tired, I'll just say that real quick. Caleb and I have been SO busy this week with our church's sports camp (post to come on that next week!), every night after work. It stormed pretty bad Wednesday night so it was cancelled, but I did get a chance to go to Sweet Frog (frozen yogurt!) with our youth group... and it did NOT disappoint. Sooo many yummy flavors to choose from.
Speaking of amazing things... time for June's Favorite Things!! Kbuuutseriously, how is it almost July already?!!?
June had a lot to live up know, seeing as May was the best month ever. Although I do have to say, LOTS of fun happened in June. Like...
1. Our honeymoon! We were there for the end of May to the beginning of June. Woo!
2. Finding this ahhh-mazing mascara. 
3. Finding out this girl is moving a bazillion times closer to Cincy! Still not exactly next door, but definitely closer than the sunshine state!
4. Being a huge part of Sports Camp with my church. I had to get hoisted onto this giant trailer (like 20+ feet in the air) and take some fun while I was up there I thought, why not a shameless selfie?! 
5. This sunset from last night.
6.Winning a blog giveaway AND a mini iPad last month. Seriously, I want to buy a lotto ticket.
7. This book. I'll be talking about our debt story later next week, and also what we're doing to pay off thousands of dollars as quickly as possible.
8. Being married. That counts, right? It's amazing, I tell ya.
Linking up today with my girl Ashley...cannot wait for my weekend to get started.
Have a good one!!


  1. Tomorrow is NOT July ;)

    I'm going to buy that mascara when my current one is up!

  2. You won an iPad mini?! How did I miss that??

    YAY for getting out of debt! You and Erin are rockstars.

  3. Haha Erin's comment :P

    Man now I want sweet frog! If only Kiefer worked at one up here so it can be free! ;)

    I'm going to buy that mascara now too!

  4. gorgeous sunset picture. so funny I posted about froyo today in my post and this is the second other favorite things that I saw that mentioned it too!! ha!!

  5. Oh my gosh I love Sweet Frog! My husband and I go every weekend! Delicious. :)

  6. Okay, you sold me on the mascara! I'll be buying it next!!

  7. I love their frozen yogurt cups, so cute! woo-hoo for paying off debt and dave ramsey. My in-laws teach his classes, my friend has paid off thousands upon thousands of dollars using his system.

  8. I really do need to try that mascara. Another thing I'm wanting to try is a bold lip. Maybe that can be on my weekend agenda.

    That sunset is gorgeoussss!!!

  9. You need to buy a lottery ticket - you're on a roll!

  10. Putting that mascara on the new makeup list... You've been having such fun these past few months!! Can't wait to see what fun the next months will bring y'all with married life!!

  11. Being married TOTALLY counts :) Congrats!!! I've never seen that Dave Ramsey but every once and a while we listen to his total money makeover on CD. It's good to be reminded of his ideas - keeps us on track money wise! Good luck with paying down the debt. It's totally worth it!! :)

  12. I'M SO EXCITED TO LIVE SO CLOSE! Roadtrips are definitely in order!!

  13. Ahhh froyo, I could go for some right now!

  14. Congrats on getting married! It definitely counts as a favorite for sure! I have heard really good things about that mascara from a few different bloggers...I think I have to try it now for sure.

    Found you from Ashley's link your blog! Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. I'm so glad you finally had Sweet Frog!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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