Friday, May 31, 2013

Tips for your big day!!

I probably name drop this girl like crazy on my blog...maybe because Ashley was my first real blogger friend and I am so thankful for our friendship.

Today, she's gonna give you bride-to-be's some amazing wedding tips. Seriously, take em!! She's amazing ;)
Take it away, Ash!

Hi everyone!  I'm Ashley from Dancing with Ashley, and am so happy to be here today.  They don't come any better than Kayla, and I am so excited to know her and to be her friend.

This picture ^ is my absolute favorite wedding picture.  It's kinda blurry..and really candid...but that's what I love about it.  We look so giddy and so excited and it brings back all those sweet memories.  

I just happen to be borderline obsessed with weddings, and with thoughts from my own wedding, I thought I'd put together a little list of wedding tips for all future brides.

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1.  Do what you want!  There is absolutely no set way to design your wedding.  If you want pizza and cupcakes, have pizza and cupcakes.  There are 2 things, however, that must not happen.  #1.  Do NOT...under any circumstance, include where you are registered on your wedding invite.  It horrifies me to no end that people actually do this.  Including a wedding website that leads to your registry, yes.  An announcement that people should buy you gifts at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, no.  #2.  Since it is no longer 1852, you do not need to have a receiving line.  Please, no.  Walk around at your reception and greet your guests.

2.  Get the BEST photographer. I think this is where your money needs to go because your pictures will be the only thing you have to remember your special day.  Make sure your photographer is experienced and that you look at their wedding portfolio.  This was my mistake.  My photographer was an excellent dance photographer, and captured the most amazing pictures of me while dancing.  But for weddings?  Let's just say he needs to run (as fast as he can) in the opposite direction if I ever see him again.  I would also suggest getting a second shooter, maybe someone who is a great photographer but doesn't have a ton of wedding experience.  Pictures are sooo important!!  I can't stress that enough.

3.  Pick bridesmaids who support you. Another really important one.  Choose bridesmaids who will help you, who will say positive things about you, and who will be excited for you.  It will be heartbreaking if some of your bridesmaids aren't "on your side". Don't feel obligated to have any one in particular in your bridal party.  It's YOUR day!!

What are some of your wedding tips/questions?

{I know you're having a blast in Mexico, my dear friend!!  Can't wait to hear all about it!}


  1. I totally agree about the photographer! A large chunk of our wedding budget was spent on the photographer. My husband did not understand it, but he did not question it either. And I am so grateful! I love looking back and the wedding pictures and at the end of the day the pictures are the best way to preserve the memories!

  2. Hey I did not even KNOW about #1 part 1 (wedding registry on guest invites). Really? Oh my god I just got a wedding invite the other day like that. I thought it was so normal? Are most people creating a website? I don't think I will though, since I have a blog.

    The receiving line is true. That is so antiquated looking and I would laugh if I went to a wedding where they did that.

    By the way: I'm getting married in 11 months in NC so this was SUCH A GREAT POST! THANKS LADIES!


  3. Yay I did all of these right ( I THINK... wedding is in a few weeks... ) but we ARE doing a receiving line. IT was the one thing my MIL really felt strongly about, and we don't really mind it, so it's being included!

  4. Yep, HATE when people put where they are registered for in the invitation- not cool!

    Anddd, totally agree about the photographer. We loved our photos we got BUT I do wish we'd spend the extra money to have a second shooter there. I just feel like there were some fun moments that got missed!

  5. Hey ladies,

    Thanks again for this post.

    **Another question: did you and your fiance feel like you missed out on your food, drinks, desert, etc... because you felt like you were having to HOST all of your guests? I'm getting married soon and I'm worried about this.

    I am a "people please" by nature and I'm worried that is seriously going to get the best of me and that I will worry about spending time with others instead of enjoying MMMMMYYYYYYYY day.


  6. Great post! I'm getting married in August and I've followed these tips so far! I was adamant about getting a photographer with a good reputation and an excellent background... I did my research. She always uses a second shooter too which is great! My fiance doesn't understand why we had to get someone so expensive, but he will thank me for it one day!! I've struggled with the whole "it's my/our day so do what i/we want" a little bit. I'm a people pleaser and want to make sure i hear everyone's opinion... but now that it's crunch time, I've learned to put my foot down and do what I/WE want! :)

  7. I agree with all your wedding tips. Listen to Ashley people. My dad was in the wedding business so he knew all the vendors and their reputations so we ended up having 4 photographers for free and it was amazing. My pictures and my VIDEO are things I will never regret getting!!!

  8. Of all the advice and tips in blog land...these are the BEST!


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