Monday, May 27, 2013

Bahama Mama!

Hi everyoneeee... so I know I'm typing this BEFORE I get married, but its pretty safe to say my wedding was (will be) amazing. I figured since I was enjoying my amazing honeymoon in Mexico, that I could have a few of my favorite ladies take over and blog about THEIR trips with their hubbies when it was their turn.
If you are having a travel bug... just a warning, stay away. You'll be booking a flight to some gorgeous beach before you can finish reading this post.
Jk, please staaayy.

Kaitlyn, take it awaaayy girl!

Kalik for you, two kaliks for you, three for me, and another kalik for you there.

This post would be so much fun if I could hand out Kaliks for everyone. Oh, and hi, I'm Kaitlyn from put a bow on it! Sweet Kayla is off on her honeymoon and I'm over here just day dreaming about mine. It's been 9 months too long!

I actually haven't even blogged about our honeymoon yet, so you are in for a treat!

I didn't really care where we went, so I left that up to my husband-to-be. He is a TOTAL researcher. To the point where I'm normally yelling at him to JUST PICK SOMETHING ALREADY. He ended up finding Shanna's Cove Resort in Cat Island, Bahamas.

 photo 381900_4760505421177_1003982065_n1_zps3ed52c7f.jpg
And yes, I took this! It's really THAT gorgeous.
I'm not sure how we got so lucky with this place. For the past few years it has won the top place for ALL resorts in the Bahamas. Although, I don't really think you can call it a resort. There were 6 bungalows atop a cliff overlooking the most amazing beach you've ever seen and then a main house where the owners live and the restaurant is.

 photo 22397_4760550502304_440820712_n_zps3f6e1d34.jpg
Terrible lighting - but this was our room for the week. Not pictured is the amazing bathroom with a shower that A still dreams about.

 photo 544702_4760543022117_177086134_n_zpsd5ec0a2a.jpg
The view from our room.
For all of you that are married, I think you will understand this part. I ATE SO MUCH FOOD. I went from eating like a rabbit for the months leading up to the wedding, to eating pizza every day for lunch. The food at this place was OUT OF THIS WORLD. And the best part? The owner, Gabi, made it all. Every day. FROM SCRATCH. We woke up to fresh cheeses and fruits, freshly ground coffee and unlimited pancakes, waffles, etc. For lunch we seriously did eat pizza every day. It was the best pizza ever - and this is coming from a so called "pizza snob."
 photo 21787_4760612343850_1133064086_n_zpse58b32a1.jpg
Dinner the second night. Seared duck breast, scalloped potatoes and carrots. The best scalloped taters I have had IN MY WHOLE LIFE.
Like I sad, it was a VERY small resort. My only request for the honeymoon was to go to a place where all we did was lie on the beach all day, every day. Some people want places with adventure and activities...not me. I was a crazy stressed mess thanks to work for the weeks leading up to our wedding, so I NEEDED this week in paradise.

 photo 373985_4760605143670_1140401306_n_zps85afa259.jpg
No, we didn't bring our cell phone out there to communicate with people (no service thank you LORD), we put on music and for 8 hours each day, we were in heaven.
We did venture out one night to a local establishment. Sidenote - the people of Cat Island are the nicest people I've ever met. There's no crime and everyone is friends with everyone. This could be due to the fact that they didn't have electricity on the island until 1997. I guess everyone just hung out in the few "cool" spots together prior to that! SO incredibly happy and just amazing people - end sidenote. We spent all night at Da Smoke Pot eating delicious conch (obsessed), drinking Bahama Mamas and dancing to "rake n scrape" music - the speciality of Cat Island. And yes, most everyone on the island smokes some sort of weed on a daily basis. Maybe THAT is why they are so happy...

 photo 522309_4760626424202_1403426209_n_zpsb80dc1c0.jpg

So I'll just sit here and try not to be TOO jealous of Kayla. After all, one year is quickly approaching and we said we would take an anniversary trip...

I'd love for you to stop by my blog and say hi!
The only rule is that on Wednesdays, we wear pink. And talk weddings.


  1. love ya both! and i am sure your wedding was the most amazing thing ever Kayla!

  2. That was my one requirement for a honeymoon as well....just wanted to lay out all day! It's making me want a beach vacation so bad!!

  3. laying on the beach is my kind of adventure. sounds puuuuurfect

  4. Now I want a beach vacation and pizza every day!!

  5. That trip sounds awesome and i'm sure you're having an awesome time on your honeymoon Kayla! I'm envious of both of y'all!

  6. What a wonderful honeymoon, Kaitlyn!!! :-)

    And Kayla, I didn't have a chance to get online until now to wish you a happy wedding! I hope you're totally enjoying your honeymoon and you're loving being a Mrs. :-)

  7. beautiful!
    Can't wait to hear about your wedding!


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