Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Friends that make my week.

Well I officially have THREE days until I'm a married woman and I think my brain is turning to mush...
so, there's that.
But am I supposed to focus right now? Work is not exciting, all I can focus on is dancing all night after saying my vows...and spending 7 whole nights in Mexico on the amazing beach eating my body weight in food with my HUSBAND.
Sorry, I'm totally going to love... "oh, have you met my husband??!"

Last night...we went to my brother's awesome high school band concert. They did something similar to what Nick Cannon and his boys did in the movie Drumline. VERY cool.
Caleb left around 9:30, and no more than 3 minutes later... there is a knock at the front door. It was my Maid of Honor with a small gift to say happy wedding week!!

"4 mo' days!"
She stayed for about half an hour and we discussed random wedding stuff, she had to calm me down and remind me that everything will be perfect like 97 times. Thank goodness.
It got me thinking about all the sweet things my friends do for me, just because.

Like the fact that Erin made our wedding programs on a whim and they look INCREDIBLE. Could she get any more talented? She not only saved us tons of money, but they make me happier knowing they are so personal and made from her heart.

Or that sweet moment I get a text from Caleb when I'm about to fall asleep that says; "We are getting MARRIED! Can you believe it?!!?"

& how about when two sweet co-workers take me out to lunch back to back days to treat me and give me pre-wedding presents?

I can't forget my sweet daily emails with Ashley & Anna, their love and encouragement has been such a blessing during this time of my life. I can't wait to meet BOTH of my closest blogging pals (this year!?)!!

Seriously though... I don't know what I'd do without any of my friends or family. They have gotten me through this engagement and then some. I think I owe them all big time when we arrive back from our honeymoon...except I don't want to think about that yet, that whole having-to-come-back-from-Mexico thing. Uh uh.

Multiple times in this wedding planning stage, I've been worried... worried about how the food will taste, how the decorations will turn out, or who may or may not make it out.  I've learned that these things don't matter. What matters is to turn to God when I feel the anxiety, jealousy, or worry rooting its ugly head.

Because God is always constant...and He is always good. Even in the silence...

Today is my last day of work before the wedding craziness kicks in and I'll be back once (maybe twice) before the wedding. Don't worry though, there will be 4 amaaaaazing women posting while I'm gone. They are some of my closest friends and cannot wait for you to read about THEIR honeymoons/etc.



  1. Enjoy your last few days before the wedding...and know that EVERYTHING will be perfect- even if something goes won't matter because you'll be married and there's nothing better than that :)

  2. AHHH LAST DAY!! I don't know how you're there right now. I hope no one expects you to function normally :) Is that chickfila sweet tea that Lyndsie brought you?!!

  3. your right saying 'husband' has so much more importance than meet my boyfriend or fiance.

  4. Love this! Everything will be perfect and if it's not you will laugh at it after! Being married is SO much fun! I still have butterflies and hope they never go away :) I can't wait to see beautiful pictures and ahh the honeymoon. Legit, it may be the best part (even better than the wedding!)!!!

  5. :) I hope you know that I'm just as excited as you areeee!!!! :) Par-tay, par-tay!!

  6. It's natural to stress over things like that, you want your wedding to be perfect. Just let all of that float away as you walk down the eisle. You can't control it at that point, so let it float away and just soak up all of the love and amazingness that is going to be your day.

  7. I just wish I could BE there!!! Ahhhh. I'm so behind excited for you. Your MOH is's going to be PERFECT. Better than perfect. And what's going to be even better than that is your jealous of Mexico!!

  8. yay, you deserve all the love!! 3 days!! weee!

  9. Erin is so sweet! So exciting. And basically, all I can say in my comment is what you ended your post with... AHHHHHH!! 3 DAYS!!!

  10. I am so excited for you! You are totally going to love saying "my husband!" And just wait until you start to look down and see the ring on his finger! I love it!


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