Thursday, May 23, 2013

By the way Kayla, your friends are awesome.

I'm so happy I started blogging... can I just say that? This group of gals is such a great one, everyone is so supportive, uplifting, sweet and just...genuine.

To me, this is a huge quality I look for when I surround myself with people. I'd rather spend my time and energy on people who genuinely care about me, amiiiriighhhtt?

Last night, Erin swung by my house, dropped off the programs she created for us along with a few other wedding-related things. She told me I needed to "sit down" for the next part, because she had something from a few people who really loved me. She came back in the room, set something in front of me and told me I could finally look!
Imagine my surprise when I open my eyes to see the most gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer tote (that doubles as an insulated beach cooler) jammed pack full of goodies?! My eyes widened, and I immediately started asking questions - who is this from?! why did they do this?! Who are these amazing people!?

Erin proceeded to tell me that some of my closest blogging friends all got together to make me a huge bag full of goodies that I could take with me on my honeymoon as one big wedding present. 

They did this...for me?
Yes Kayla, your friends ROCK.

I somehow held it together the entire time. I know its silly, but it makes me emotional when I think about the time & effort, and secrecy these girls kept from me as they pulled this off. How clever!? When people put in that kind of effort and expect nothing in return... I know they are true friends. Even crazier? I've never met any of them. How cool is that?!

From what it sounded like... miss Lexxyy pants had this wonderful idea and got all of my closest bloggy friends to pull off this little shindig for me. I'd compare it to a blogging shower... ;) is that a thing?
Now it is.

I got ALL sorts of stuff! GORGEOUS floppy hats, monogrammed drinking glasses, sunglasses, a beach towel...the sweetest Prayer book that was passed down, and so much more.

Take one little guess who sent me the BOW accessory?! ;)

HUGEEEEE ginormous, insanely tight hugs to AshleyKaitlynAlexaaaAnnaRobin, & my other Ashley! Special thanks to Erin for delivering it all to me safely and being so amazing.
I am literally taking it ALL to Mexico with us... and I'll be doing a follow up post on more details inside my bag when my camera cord becomes available to me again (ahem -- Caleb!)

I never knew starting a blog would put me in touch with any of these amazing women. A few of them included cards, that when I read a second time may or may not have made me tear up. I'm not sure how we all crossed paths, but all I can say is I am SO thankful we did.

I love you ALL, ladies. Oh my gosh. Tomorrow is the REHEARSAL DINNER!
I swear, I'm dying. In the best way possible.
Life is amazing. Truly.


  1. DUH. A CARD. How could I forget a card?! Haha. I love your face when you are looking at the bow headband. And then it looks adorable on you.

  2. That is so incredibly sweet of all of them! Plus it looks like you got some pretty awesome things!! :) Happy 2 days to go!!!!!

  3. I had so much fun delivering it!! Thanks for letting me play photog and try out my new lens on ya ;)

  4. This is precious! I love that you have formed such true, and genuine friendships with other bloggers. (:

  5. Awww what a sweet bunch! We have our real life friends and then there are our blog friends. Both a super special but sometimes there are just a few things that we can't seem to tell our real life friends but we can spill with our blog buddies. Oh blog buddies are just awesome!

  6. So incredibly sweet! I love seeing all the relationships people have gotten out of blogging!

  7. Aww that is the sweetest thing ever!!

  8. Wow, that is so so sweet! Blogging is pretty wonderful and even more when people genuinely care. How exciting and gosh... your wedding is SO soon!!!!!!! you must be on cloud nine right now!


  9. That is SUCH a good idea. I'm so glad that they did that for you. That's my go to gift for a close friend, a honeymoon basket so they don't have to leave the room if they don't want to ;)

  10. that's so awesome kayla! what beautiful women they are!

  11. Oh I love this! Yeah it is def a thing! Bam!

  12. Stumbled upon your blog today. Absolutely love! And I must say that is the sweetest most thoughtful thing I have ever seen.

  13. Aw, I love this!!
    And I love that Lilly Pulitzer tote, safe to say that was from Robin?
    This is so awesome!
    It's almost time! EEP!


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