Monday, April 29, 2013

No picture? No proof.

Caleb and I had an incredible weekend. You know how much I love pictures, but this weekend I literally took NONE. Friday night we started our weekend off with a quick 5K on the treadmill (I am able to run 2.5 miles straight now, no walking progress is making me so happy -- I did take a quick 30 second break to walk, then did another was awesome)! Then we used a gift card to get some Skyline Chili... mmm!

Saturday morning, I GOT MY WEDDING SHOES! Can you believe it?! I was so nervous, seeing as I've never purchased shoes online...and omg - they fit perfect. & they are SO comfortable.

Then I basically spent the entire morning cleaning my room, and had some delicious coffee cake with my grandparents in the dining room. Then my entire day/afternoon was spent texting with Ashley talking outfit options with her for her upcoming NC Blogger Meet up she has worked so hard to plan! She asked me to find some cute outfits, and did I hesitate? No!

Obviously this outfit screams Ashley. The skinny jeans, the adorable shoes and simple black/white blazer-tee combo. So I text it to her...and she says she literally just took some outfit pictures exactly like that. Amazing, right?

The other two cute outfits I found  were so full of color, I knew she'd love them.

Need this.
Do I even need to tell you all how much I need a blazer in my life? Particularly a yellow one!
LADIES, HELP ME! Where can a girl find an adorable (reasonably priced) yellow blazer?!

Long story short -- I love miss Ashley and the genuine, fun, awesome friendship we've formed. I don't think Caleb will ever understand how I can consider a "blog friend" a "real life friend" when we've never met each other (yet!)... but who cares? MEN. BE. CRAZY. ;)

Lets get back on track here...
So Sunday  we had church... it was an emotional day for me, but God reminded me how blessed I am. That evening we spent with the youth group and just had an absolute blast. I never knew how much working with teens would make me learn about myself.

So how was YOUR weekend?

PS- Huge shout-out to my girl Becky for her FIRST half marathon this weekend!!!! Hopefully I'll be doing one before the year is over, YOU GO GIRL!


  1. love these outfits and AShley! blog friends are definitely real friends!

  2. 'oh my lawdy, those outfits scream "Ashley" so well!

  3. Love the outfits! I hope you find a yellow blazer!!

  4. YOU ARE THE BEST! thanks for the shout out and all your encouragement throughout my training! I have totally faith you will be rocking one before the year is over!! :) Those outfits are adorable too. I need a cute blazer as well!

  5. Such cute style inspiration love kristen style!

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  6. I've told you before, and I'm telling you helped me out BIG time this weekend! (in more ways than just the outfits!) We HAVE to find us a yellow blazer. Have to! Love you so much!

  7. Love the outfits! Simple, classic, pretty :) I have a blazer that's a silvery pink kind of color. Def look for a yellow one! I'll keep my eye out!

  8. So what your saying is that any time I need outfit ideas, all I have to do is text you?! Done and done. Hehe so proud of your running friend. I hope to be there with you soon!!! Happy Tuesday eve. Love you.

  9. I need a blazer too, I think I'm going to go for a black one, so if someone sends you the perfect reasonably priced blazer that comes in yellow and black, let me know! I'm so glad that your shoes fit!!! They came quick too!

  10. love those outfits!! you are such a fashionista :)

  11. You found some fab outfits for Ashley!!! All right up her alley! I love you both and love even more that you guys have become such great friends!!

  12. Aw you are so sweet. I just saw her post and she looked amazing...I guess it's thanks to you. :)

  13. YAY wedding shoes!!!!! can't wait to see them!

  14. Love those outfits, you fashionista, you! Also, that blazer is amazing!


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