Thursday, March 14, 2013

glitter all over the room...

What am I thinking about today? Well.... if you must know.

Girl crush at its finest.
Remember that time my girl Erin got me amazing tickets to see our biggest girl crush ever Katy Perry?! Oh wait... you don't, because that is before I blogged when I was still a loser ;) so let me show you JUST how much fun we had that night. It was kiiiind of one of the best nights of my life.

My gorgeous SIL-to-be.
You know we had to rock the pink lipstick and matching WE LOVE KATY shirts. Duhhh.
We were pre-gaming it by going to the outside party the venue was holding...and guess who won a FREE t-shirt?

Then we pretended to be Katy for a second...

So we get inside... and oh my wooorrddd. We were CLOSE.

Then she came on stage... ahhh. It was like the best concert I'd ever been too. I really will never forget this night. We may or may not have known EVERY word to every song she sang...and not only did she sound amazing, she put on a SHOW. It was pure entertainment... hilarious, sexy, and nerdy. What more can ya want?!

Brownie points if you can name this song.

She definitely looked down at us and for a moment... we became her best friends
;) promise.

We danced the entire night, lost our voices, and had the time of our lives. Literally.

She shot whipped cream from a candy cane gun...

 and then ended the night with the sweetest freaking confetti drop this worlds ever seen.

Ahhh the memories. I so want to go back. Erin and I had vowed that when she comes back to Ohio we are splurging and buying our freaking selves a meet and greet backstage pass & not thinking twice!

You ALSO know we went together to see her movie... um. Please tell me you've all seen it? Its so good... we laughed, cried, and sang along. 

Happy thursday friends... hope you enjoyed this "throwback" edition ;)
TOMORRROW IS FRIDAY!!! Where has this week gone?!
Do I say that every week??


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  2. Andre' thinks she is the sexiest person alive! So I went as her for halloween one year hahaha.

  3. that's cute!! I'd love to go see her as well :)

  4. OMG KAYLA LYNN!! I seriously about teared up reading this haha... that night was one of the most magical nights we've ever had together ;) And by we, I mean you, me and Katy of course!!!

  5. I LOVE Katy Perry! She looks beautiful in the top picture you posted. Ya'll are too funny! I love face-in-hole photo ops lol

  6. Love Katy Perry! Have you watched her documentary? I still need to - I heard it's amazing.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  7. ahhh this is awesome!!! i think i've told you this but i love katy perry but michael is a HUGE katy perry fan haha!! love the shirts

  8. those face-in-the-hole pictures always crack me up! looks like a super fun time!

  9. A gun that shoots whipped cream... whaaaat! If it was homemade whipped cream, I would buy the concert tickets just for that!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  10. I absolutely love Katy Perry but I've never been to one pf her concerts :(. Maybe one day. Looks like y'all had a blast though, and I would definitely splurge on a meet and greet!

  11. So....I actually haven't seen the movie. Shame on me...I know.

    My sisters went to this concert and LOVED it. She must be pretty great live. LOVE the cutout pictures with your faces...SO great!!

  12. Haha I love your shirts! Concerts are even better when you have great company! I need to watch her movie soon!

  13. oh fun!! those pictures in those photo things are so funny!


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