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Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend schmeekend.

So the crazy thing about a week going by really fast, more than likely means your weekend will go by in literally the blink of an eye. *sigh*

Luckily, it was amazing. But then again, what weekend isn't? Moving on.

Friday night, we were good! We made sure we did Insanity, and then sampled dinner #1 that our caterer made us for our wedding.. YUUMMMM. (hint-- it's Italian...& no, we are not Italian. Its just, who doesn't love pasta??!). After, we watched an old favorite of mine and Caleb's; Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls. We literally traded off reciting basically the whole movie, and then... Caleb fell asleep. I swear. He is as bad as a baby full of milk. Boy can't even stay awake through a tornado. So, he left.

Cue Saturday morning... I woke up, fumbled around for my glasses (I'm practically blind), weighed myself, threw on a headband, drove to Caleb's and we forced ourselves to spend our morning doing Insanity. Good news though-- my body is getting stronger, after only 8 days, I really can tell!

I hopped in the shower, got ready, and made fun faces at my camera while preparing to take a passport photo...

THEN... aahhh. We made a trip to Kay Jewelers, got my ring cleaned. She's looking nice and shiny. i tried on a $4,000 band on just for laughs, and then we made our way over to Men's Warehouse.

Let me paint the picture for you... the heavens opened, the angels came down... and sweetly sang HALLELUJAH as Caleb tried on his amazing gray tux coat. & mm mm mmmm did he look SHARP. I only saw him in the coat over top of his bright yellow Marvel shirt, so on our wedding day its still a big ole surprise :) We ended up getting an INSANE deal (including a free $500 suit for my man after our wedding.. that he can keep! Ah. Can't wait to shop for that!), and we made our way out to head back to his house.

Caleb  is back there trying to find some wall decor... {swoon}

...alright, we didn't go straight home. We went to Marshall's and bought some bathroom decor for our future home... I mean, Caleb moves in in like 4 days... time to get with it! THEN we went home :)

I hope you all had as great of a weekend as we did!

Linking up with Sami today for her Weekend Shenanigans! For some reason blogger isn't letting me show off her cute little button so I still wanted to give a lil shoutout :) she is so fun and so is her blog. Check her out!


  1. love marshalls & tj maxx. blogger wouldn't let me add photos this morning.

  2. Passport photos....BLEEHHHH.
    Ha for some reason they told me I couldn't smile...which makes a person look wayyyyy more suspicious.

    Your weekend sounds wonderful! :)

  3. yaya for passport photos! haha! And girl you are getting it with the insanity!

  4. Marshalls is the devil, I swear! And good job with the insanity dear. So great you're already seeing results :)

  5. I love Marshalls. they have so many pretty things for such good prices! good for you on the insanity! woot, woot. high five for strong girls!

  6. I love that shower curtain! It's gorgeous!

    Stopping by from the Weekend Shenanigans link up :)

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  7. So glad to hear the tux shopping was such a success!! I love the colors of that shower curtain and so cute Caleb picking out some wall decor!! :)

  8. Marshalls is the best! I got that same deal when we got Kevin's tux at Men's Wearhouse. You will end up still paying money (cause they overcharge the crap out of you on suits). Plus inevitably it will need to be altered. Just fyi that was our experience. I have the insanity vids! I am going to start doing it! ahhhhhhh.....

  9. You are going to look smoking in that passport photo! I love me some silly selfies! Cute decor! I never go to Marshalls for that stuff but I should start obvi! Thanks for my little shoutout doll face and thanks for linking up :)

  10. I LOVE that shower curtain! Such pretty colors! And why didn't we get a peek at the $4,000 wedding band?! :)

  11. freddie and i made a marshall's trip this weekend and oh. my. gosh. i left there feeling like a)i could be an amazing interior decorator (which is crap. i couldn't. but i was gladly shop anywhere that makes me feel like that) and b) i could do it all saving tons of moolah! oh marshalls, never stop.

  12. I freaking love Marshall's. And I work at TJ Maxx. That is a lose-lose situation for my wallet. But I love it! And your bathroom accessories are cute!

  13. Why can't we just hang out on the weekends?! Silly long distance friendship. :) yay for just 3 more months friend. I can't wait to see wedding pictures, bridals, honeymoon pictures and how gorgeous and happy you are going to look through it all. Love love love


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