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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ohh little Katnip...

SURPRISE. Since Caleb moves into our apartment this weekend, he needs a TV. So guess whose big screen he is taking?? Mine... and guess whose entertainment center he's taking with it? Mine.

So because of that, guess whose cable box my family cancelled at the last minute??

So I had to resort to friends and YouTube to recap what I missed from the Oscar's and let me tell you...I'm so sad I didn't see this live. I love her. This is why Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite people on this planet.

No, not because she tripped UP the stairs, which I may or may not be famous for...but because she brushed it off like "psshh.. those stairs, trying to steal my show?!" and almost laughed her dress off. I seriously love this girls spirit. Not only did she play the PERFECT Katniss... she is adorable, dorky, and seems SO down to Earth.

This got me thinking... man, JL and I would for sure share a best friend necklace.

Why, you ask?

Girl loooves to eat.

She's hilarious.

She breaks out in random dance...

She's so awkward.

See? Down to Earth.

My random thoughts about J LAWR;
-Girlfriend can rock any hair color!

-She pulls of a better smokey eye than Tyra Banks.

-I wish her and Bradley Cooper would either date, get married, or just have babies already.

-Her facial expressions are perfect

-Sometimes I wish she and Liam would just get together... (woops, sorry Miley!!)

-We almost share a birthday.

-She's the youngest person ever to be nominated for TWO "Best Actress" Oscars.

-Um. The girl is gorgeous.

Let me just say, her Oscar dress was gorgeous. Her "girls" were tucked in, her hair was beautiful, and her speech was short and sweet. I think if her and I were to hang out... she'd realize we were soulmates, bring me along to the next Hunger Games series filming and we'd stuff our faces with burritos and sweet tea.

ANYWAY... it cracks me up what some ladies ended up even wearing to the Oscar's? Like it's not one of the biggest nights of the year for them...what were ya thinking Kristen Stweart!?!

Also, did you know those nominated... yes, you heard me... simply NOMINATED... got a goodie bag worth over $45K?!!?!? As if those people can't afford all of that themselves and then some. This kiiiind of made me sick.

Not only because I'm slightly jealous... but because at least SOME of that money could've gone towards things that really matter... like charities, starving children, research... *wake up world*


Last night was Insanity day #9. Whew! It killed me. I mean my arms literally gave out on me while I did Shaun T's famous "in-and-out abs"... maybe one day I can handle 3 push-ups in a row? Oh well, I gotta deal... my wedding dress will probably be in by mid-April and I'm trying to rock the crap out of it! Only 88 little days til we say "I do"... ahhh.

Another plus? We're another day closer to Friday!


  1. I absolutely adore Jennifer Lawrence!
    Ughhh...I did P90X with my roommates last year...we lasted like 2 or 3 weeks before we all slowly gave up (okay, I was the first to go. I admit it). Good luck to you!
    <3 Kiersten

  2. I love her too shes a great actress and person

  3. Confession: I've never read any of the Hunger Games books or seen the movie :O I am not sure where I was when the Hunger Games train started...but I really like her! She seems hilarious and down-to-earth and I think you guys would be best of friends :) I think Hilary Duff and I could be bffs - one day!

  4. LOVE her. freaking adore her. love all these gifs of her. they make me happy!

  5. She is gorgeous and don't really follow any of the Hunger games, but the interviews I've seen of her she seems so likeable and down to earth. i now need to youtube this her fall. you make me want to do some kind of crazy workout, but don't think i can hang. oh well. one day, one day. in the meantime go you!

  6. Love these gifs of her, they make me want to be friends with her too, haha! My coworker was just talking about starting Insanity. Kuddos to you guys for sticking to it. (I never last more than a week before I give up) You're going to rock that dress! Can't wait to see all your beautiful wedding pictures :)

  7. did you see the interview after the oscars where she begins her answer with, "sorry, i just took a shot." gotta love the honesty! as in, i do love her honesty.

  8. I looooove Jennifer Lawrence! Seriously, I don't remember ever having a bigger girl crush on someone.

  9. I love Jennifer Lawrence! She speaks her mind and is always amazing!

  10. I love jennifer lawerence. She's pretty much my best friend too, she just doesn't know it yet. And for real...anne hathaway that was like the worst dress ever, and you wore it to win your oscar?

  11. Anddddd this is why I love you. Yes!! Can her and Bradley Cooper please get together already? I actually kind of love her and Josh Hutcherson together too (even though I think she's kinda too tall for him). She always looks classy....and can I please have her hair?!?!?

    Ok...I think I'm going to start up with Insanity again. Wish me luck.

  12. I love JL, too! She is adorable. And can you please tell me where I can find all these animated pictures because they all seriously crack me up!

  13. I agree she handled her stumble up the steps beautifully! Oh my gosh I did not know that about the nominees! So wrong what a waste of money! I could go on but I won't ha ha!

  14. Love love her too! The best part of the stumble was a backstage interview. One person asked "what caused you to trip?" Her response "Um, have you seen this dress?!" Like hello captain obvious!! Thennnn even better was another lady who said "What were you thinking when you fell?" She said "A very bad word that starts with an F!" You hit the nail on the head- she's so down to earth and not a toothpick! Now that is reality tv!
    Found you on Southern Living Our Way! Will be following.


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