Monday, November 12, 2012

the day that I...

... thought it would be a good idea to wear fake eyelashes for no reason.

Don't blame me.... its Amanda's fault. I was perusing her blog last week and she was doing a link-up with another blog... I noticed she had mentioned being too afraid to ever wear fake eyelashes. I was the first to comment and let her know she was not alone, and that I, too was a bit intimidated by them. BUT that "we should do it!!" ... I almost immediately got a response from her saying we should totally do this together. & send the heinous pictures to each other.

I do realize how COMPLETELY random this is, but it was a hilarious fun time gluing those suckers to my eyelids when my house was empty on this Saturday morning. I can only imagine the fun Amanda had when she was doing hers. Come to find out...

...that she looks CUTE... and I'm over here rockin' the 3am street corner hooker look. Oh wells!

Anyway, here is the hilarious Amanda! Where you can find her blog "This IS My Real Hair".

I guess she failed to tell me how cute she would look in hers. They look real! FYI- Amanda, if I ever saw you in a grocery store rockin' those lashes I'd be jealous and totally think you were just THAT blessed! ;) 

Amanda is seriously hilarious. Her blunt honesty makes me laugh when I need a pick-me-up at the office, and her cute pup is so sweet. I've had a fun time getting to know her a little better, please stop by her blog... promise you'll love it ;)

I realize how totally and completely random this post was. But you know what? Its a Monday... and Monday's are my "anything goes day"... don't have anything to wear? -- Its alright Kayla, just wear the same sweater you fell asleep in last night and throw a headband in your hair, no one will notice ;)

I like to have fun, and be random, and have solo dance parties in bathrooms, and make a complete fool of myself. Know why? Because I like who I am. Yes, I'm a little weird... and yes sometimes awkward, but the few friends I have don't seem to mind one bit! ;) 

Happy Monday friends... 


  1. haha I love them!!!! i never wear them but now I want to!

  2. Haha, I love this. I've never done fake lashes either, but think it would be fun to give it a try :)

  3. It wasn't really THAT bad... I think taking them off was the worst part. Also, like now after 25 years of life, how can I just start wearing these to things? I am going to look crazy lol

    I love the "Its alright Kayla, just wear the same sweater you fell asleep in last night and throw a headband in your hair, no one will notice ;)" I do that with tank tops like everyday, not just Mondays!!

  4. hehe too funny! i did a post a year or so ago on how to wear them, but maybe i should update it :)

    1. how did you know that we might be in need of a post like that!? haha

  5. This post cracked me up! The first and only time I've tried fake eyelashes was for my wedding {and I just had the makeup girl do sporadic ones, not a full set} but those suckers were awful to take off!! Hubby and I were in our hotel room at 2 a.m. on our wedding night and I kept delaying ripping them off until finally I just made him do it! We're such romantics.

  6. i LOVE fake eyelashes. i've been wearing them off and on for a few weeks now and think you can totally rock them. (the natural looking ones, of course... unless you're going to a 70's disco party)

  7. Happy Monday!! Those fake eye lashes are so scary! (you, however, still look adorable!) I love fake eyelashes, and I usually trim them down so they look more natural (and only wear them for formal occasions with dim lighting so none notices the glue all over my face ;). I'm seriously so unlucky in the eyelash department...I need all the help I can get!

  8. i've been too intimidated to try too...

    but this post settled it. i'm doing it. random posts are the best! (so are funsies fake eyelash pictures)

  9. Haha!!! These are so cute! I was always scared to wear them but my makeup artist for my wedding convinced me it's the way to go. Loved them! Cute blog!

    xo, Jenna

  10. Ha, you are too funny girl. And trust me, putting on fake eye lashes is hard. You have to find the perfect kind (who knew there were so many)! This post was just perfect for my Monday afternoon ;)
    xo TJ

  11. Oh my, haha! You look adorable. :) I don't have any desire to even try fake lashes, but it's great that you did. :)

  12. so funny! you still look cute!! happy monday girlie. xoxo

  13. hahahaha I love this! My gma always gets eyelash extensions and I am so jealous but obviously would never pay like $250 for them! I think you still look cute in these!

  14. You better work those falsies, girl!!


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