Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lots of fun, today!

Caleb's pup, Maggie.

Yesterday was my first OFFICIAL day at work. (although I've been there as a temp since February... they finally realized they can't live without me... duh...) & I stopped by Caleb's after work last night, and got there before him. When he pulled in the driveway I noticed he had something in his hands. It was a big bag with flowers sticking out, alllll for me! *sappy* my man treats me so well. The bag also featured a new mini umbrella, peppermint candy canes (my fav!) and a christmas mug! Woo!

gotta deal with iphone photography, its all I had ;

Linking up with the beautiful Lauren today for Tuesday Topics!!

Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I want to be able to reach others with my stories; encourage others and make some new friends along this journey! I also think it will be cool when I'm old to look back in detail at my past.

What's something your readers know about you? That I like yellow, duhhh. Its totally alright, and encouraged, to wear it every day possible. Yes, even when its not in "season".

What can't you live without? My camera. I seriously use it every day. My DSLR, or my iphone. Love them both!

What inspires your blog posts? Lots of things. Sometimes by reading other ladies posts it sparks some sort of creativity in me. Or when things in my daily life happen and I want to put a positive spin on them.

What do you do when you feel uncreative? Pinterest, duh.

How has blogging changed you? It helps me to keep a positive spin on all things I blog about. Encouraging other women makes me happy. We are all beautiful, in our own way & I think its important to remember to let others know how awesome they are :)

What advice do you have for new bloggers? Well, technically, I'm still a "new blogger". I've only been doing this since September, and I've met some awesome ladies so far. I would just tell them to be THEM. Don't worry about blogging every little thing you do; remember to live in the moment. Remember that blogging is NOT a competition, its fun :)

What blogs inspire you? Quite a few ladies actually, but I'll just name a few. One of my FIRST blogger friends I made was Jillian at Faith That Laughs! This girl is not only adorable, but she loves the Lord with ALL of her heart and you can see it from the moment you check out her blog. She truly inspires me with her weekly reminders of why we are loved and worth it. Did I mention she has killer outfits AND posts adorable pictures of her baby nephew all the time!? If thats not enough, idk what is?!

Another is Helen over at Ah, thats love. She is so encouraging. The pictures she posts are BEAUTIFUL, elegant and so cute. I can see how much she, too loves God and her husband. They seem to always have the best times together. I'm so happy I stumbled upon her blog!

& lastly is my wonderful Erin, over at Love, Fun and Football. If you don't already know, she is my wonderful soon-to-be SIL! This girl already feels like the sister I never had. Her and her hubby (Caleb's brother) are our fav people to hang out with, game nights are our go-to double dates. She is always so encouraging of my choices and such an inspiration to look up too. Love you, Erin!

Happy Tuesday friends, do something crazy! ;)


  1. You are so sweet!! So glad we are blogger friends!! Love ya girlie. xoxo

  2. Congrats on your first official day of work. Of course, they can't live without you!!!! ;)

    Maggie looks adorable! I'm a sucker for cute pups! :)

  3. so cool!! and can't wait to check out these blogs you love!

  4. great answers!!

    i agree,just be yourself since it is your blog :)

    cute blog you have!

  5. Good job Caleb!! Love seeing him treat you so well.... and I also love Maggie ;)

    SO SO happy you started a blog, sister!!! :) Just another fun thing for us to share and enjoy together. Just think about when we'll be blogging our playdates with our future children?! ;) MUAH! Love ya so muchhh!!

  6. Oh hey, I look up to Erin too! :) haha By the way, that picture she sent me on Saturday of you 2 with the wine made me SO happy! I'd give anything to crash one of your game nights!!

    Your mancake gets an A+! Love seeing men be so sweet! :)

  7. kayla, you are SO sweet! thank you so much for linking to me. i don't know what you're talking about because you are such an encouraging, and always positive blogger! your posts are always refreshing, so cute, and so FUNNY. :) plus, i think it is SO cute how he surprised you with first-day-of-work gifts! what a blessing of a guy :)

  8. ahh that is so sweet he had some flowers for you! and thank goodness they realized too they couldn't live without you!

  9. Stopping by from Tuesday Topics...your doggy is super cute and how sweet of your man! Those are all great gifts. And pinterest for creative ideas, yes!

  10. What a good man he is!
    Abi K

  11. Caleb is so sweet to give you a little treat bag!! Glad to hear that your first day was a good one!!

  12. So sweet to give you a bag of treats! I so agree with you! Blogging should be fun! And your's is definitely one that I love! :)

  13. I just clicked over from Jillian's blog and I thought you looked familiar...then I scrolled down and realized it's because Erin and I are blog friends and I recognized you from her pictures. Haha. I live in the Cincinnati area too! Now following your adorable blog. :)

  14. Such a sweet blog! Your man is so sweet too :) Would you like to follow each other?! xo



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