Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Simple reminders

Ladies, I'm sure this has happened to you plenty of times. Closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear.

Caleb and I are getting our engagement pictures done on the 22nd of this month, and I am having a wardrobe MELTDOWN. Happens to me almost daily. But this time, its serious. I (think) I need a good new pair of boots, a cute chunky sweater and some big statement jewelry. I want to look cute, but I'm having such a hard time feeling it!

My goal for the wedding was just to "tone up" so I can rock my bikini on my amazing honeymoon.

.....I've since learned its a bit harder than that, even though we've been running like beasts/eating right/etc. Its hard to do. One night, I was feeling extra stressed about not being able to get the results I really want, and just like that, a friend posted an article online that was about "Engagement Myths" and one of them stated:

"Your fiance asked you to spend your life with him looking exactly how you do today. Don't buy into the myth that you need to lose ANY weight to be 'you' on your wedding day. You are perfectly beautiful how you are, and your future husband thinks so too".

I was so happy. Its like God knew I needed a little encouragement. Isn't it funny how right when we need something the most, He puts something right infront of us... and makes you say "Duh. I knew that all along, thanks for the reminder, big guy." At least, thats how I feel.

I've been drinking a crap ton of water throughout the day, trying to run at least 2 miles four times a week with Caleb, and we are on the right track. This is teaching me a lot, but most of all, I'm learning how to be patient. Results won't come right away, but if I don't give up, I'll get there eventually.

God is right; I am beautiful, and so are you.

Happy Tuesdays, ladies.


  1. So true. You're gorgeous!!!

    Where are you guys going on your honeymoon?

  2. That is a lot of running! I need to get better! You are beautiful! I had so much trouble finding what to wear for my engagement shoot...

  3. I love this! I definitely need to remember this when I get engaged and start trying to lose extra weight.

  4. pretty blog!
    following you GFC :)

  5. P.S. Have you heard of the No Brainer Wardrobe? I read the first chapter...think this will help me with my closet issue lol
    Happy Thursday!


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