Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall overload!

If you like fall, pumpkins, pictures, cider or hayrides.. you'll really like this post. I haven't used my camera like I did this weekend in a while. & man it felt great!!

I was browsing online one day and got an e-mail, a BOGO for Blooms and Berries Farm in Loveland! This place was a ton of fun, and none of us even have kids! We got to do the hayride, corn maze, and sunflower patch with our package. The hayride was a hilarious adventure, it was a muddy mess. When I wasn't hanging onto Caleb for dear life (so I wouldn't fall off) we were cuddling and cracking up with Erin and Jared (his brother/sister-in-law...some of our best friends).

After that adventure, we went into the corn maze.. for about an hour! It was tough ;)

Like I said, we are kids at heart :) I kind of love this girl.

we like each other ;)
Erin, Jared, Caleb and I :) some of my favorite people
Hope everyone had a happy and beautiful fall weekend. Mine certainly is not quite over, I am currently watching the Bengal's PRAYING they can pull it together and take this win! 

Do anything fun this weekend?


  1. I love all the fall activities there are. I can't wait to go to a pumpkin patch and a corn maze! :)

  2. thanks for your sweet words on whiskey tango foxot:) check me out at my normal "home"


  3. Wow, how fun is this?!?! It looks like you all had an amazing time, and it makes me want to head over to the closest pumpkin patch! Autumn really is here :)

  4. wow!!! that look sos fun! lovely photos!
    Btw, I am hosting a Kat&Bee giveaway ;)

  5. So so fun!!!! That sunflower is gorgeous!!! You are too cute, Kayla!

  6. so fun!! you are so cute!! love fall weekends!!!


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