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Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday, I think I love you.

I have never longed for Friday the way I did this week. I truly hate "wishing for the weekend", but lets be real, this week did me in. It was great, don't get me wrong, but WAY too much jam packed into one week. Since I loved what kept us so busy this week, but it made me super tired, I think it's time for another edition of "suck and sweet"...

Suck: not getting much sleep at all this week
Sweet: ...because you're up too late editing gorgeous sessions

Suck... working almost every night this week
Sweet: seeing Caleb interact with the kiddos and genuinely ask each of them what their names were/what positions they played, then high fiving them after they rocked their portrait time. He has the best heart, and I love that man!

Suck: that vacation is still 5 weeks away

Suck: that quality bathing suits can be so darn expensive
Sweet: on the other hand, it would probably last YEARS!

Suck: that we didn't get an ideal sunset for the engagement session I photographed on Monday
Sweet: still ending up with gorgeous images like this one. In my Facebook post I wrote "Even though we forced him to wrap her up like a Chipotle burrito, there was nothing forced about their joy during their session!" :) Lisa and John were the SWEETEST!

Suck: not doing groceries because you were too busy enjoying free time last Sunday
Sweet: using that as an excuse to buy yourself chili cheese fries for lunch

Suck: not eating dinner until nearly 9:00PM almost every night this week
Sweet: getting to eat with my husband, at least :)

Suck: having a LOT of personal stuff to get done
Sweet: having a day job (receptionist) that allows me to work on personal stuff if I need to!

Suck: that I'm still at work

Enjoy your weekend, friends!!


  1. I'm with you on the bathing suits. So cute, but so spendy! I'm also nervous to order online due to fit. I bookmarked the site you shared awhile ago and just need to pull the trigger on an adorable one piece. Happy weekend, Kayla!

  2. I try so hard not to wish the weeks away too, but it's so dang hard sometimes. YAY for vacation coming up <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. WOO HOO for vacation being so close!! The weeks will fly by! Love these kinda posts, it always reminds me to look at the positive side of everything. Hope y'all have a great weekend!! :)

  4. the bathing suit struggle...I hear ya! And that quote wrap up like a funny. We didn't do engagement pictures, but it's probably for the best because Mr. cannot fake smile for the life of him! haha..

  5. Vacation is 5 weeks away! Vacation is 5 weeks away! Vacation is 5 weeks away! Vacation is 5 weeks away! Just keep chanting that!!!! ;)

  6. Vacation is 5 weeks away is the best! Now, you have me looking at my calendar to start a countdown for ours!

  7. I totally agree about the bathing suits! One time in my life I invested in a really good one and even several years later it still looks better than the rest of the cheap ones I own! But it's hard to make that purchase! I hope next week is a little calmer for you!

  8. I bet to differ on your swimsuit lasting longer if it costs more...only because it probably doesn't so you spend more again ;)


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