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Friday, January 13, 2017

Tone It Up {Week 2}

Happy Friday, friends! I can't tell you how happy I am it's almost the weekend! Between house repairs and endless edits, I'm excited to have a couple of days off to unwind.

Week 2 of the Tone It Up plan (#lookforlove) is almost over and I'm finally feeling a little stronger (and still very sore, which I kind of love)! I'm really happy because even though the daily moves are still insanely challenging, I somehow find a way to finish them! Last night was another 45 minutes of cardio and the video I chose had a "power move" of 10 burpees w/ a jump in a row and I was able to do 9 in a row without stopping, which was huge because last week I could only do about 5-6. It's cool to see non-scale victories, too!

Yesterday I jokingly tweeted about my quick Target adventure. I went in with a very small list of "two dumbbells, a card and a pack of gum" and that. is. all. I. got! Can you believe it?! I was in and out of there in 11 minutes. I think I deserve an award. Or maybe coffee. I'm starting to miss my morning cup of french vanilla ;)

Caleb and I stayed up way too late last night, but it was worth it because we were with family. What's even better is this morning, my day started out on the right foot by getting to visit with Erin and the cutest nephew in all the land!! :)

Caleb and I had another great week of cooking at home;
Sunday: garlic peppercorn grilled chicken breast w/ broccoli
Monday: one-pan grilled chicken breast w/ broccoli & asparagus
Tuesday: (this is the night our power went out) ham sandwich on whole wheat bread & veggies w/ hummus
Wednesday: ground turkey taco salads
Thursday: Meatballs
Friday: TBD. Hopefully something delicious like salmon. I'm craving seafood! Caleb, if you're reading this, you might have to make a Kroger trip ;)

I hope everyone has fun plans for their weekend!


  1. Sundays meal sounds yummy! Recipe?

    1. Hi there! You showed up as a no-reply commenter so I couldn't respond via email, sorry! Trust me, it was nothing fancy, lol! We bought a new rub at Kroger called "Garlic Peppercorn", generously seasoned the chicken and my husband cooked it on our cast iron. It was delish!

  2. Ahhh, your headband is too cute, and I love your workout pants! I'm a big fan of brightly colored workout clothes - it makes it more fun!

  3. You need to teach me your ways on getting in and out of Target with only the items you planned to get! :)

  4. When you say meatballs, is there a specific recipe you follow or are they store bought? Connor loves meatballs and I usually just have frozen ones on hand to give him but would love a great recipe to make them from scratch for him!

  5. I'm impressed with the 11 minute Target run! You do deserve an award.

  6. good job on eating healthy when your power went out. not gonna lie, i would have headed straight to mcdonalds. haha. but seriously, you are doing so well! non scale victories are the best! high five!

  7. Non scale victories are the best! We went to home depot last week and my husband jokingly told me to carry the propane tank to the back yard, and I thought he was serious so I did. Something like that would have been a struggle a few months ago but now I didn't even think about it!


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