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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hump Day!

Anyone else sometimes just get overwhelmed at having to think of a new blog prompt so you just don't blog at all for like a week?! No? Just me!? ;)

I'm back, and we're already halfway through the work week. I actually had my annual review with my boss this morning and for some reason I always let my silly nerves and anxiety issues build up right before I walk into those meetings. I basically tell myself to expect the worse, and assume that I did a terrible job all year. Hows that for self-love? ;) Anyway, it couldn't have gone any better. Woo hoo! She gave me better scores than I gave myself and had nothing bad to say. It really started this Wednesday off on a good note!

Back tracking to the weekend here...
Our last Saturday was so full of NOTHING that it almost got us into trouble. We stopped by our favorite thrift store (that we KNEW would be having puppy adoptions...) "just to look", and I think a piece of my heart is still there. We had to talk ourselves out of almost adopting a puppy like 7 times, HA! We both know we really want a puppy someday, but just not yet! The rest of our day consisted of running around town filling our free time! We love days like that! We ended it at home by watching Hacksaw Ridge with some popcorn and guys let me tell you, it was SUCH a good movie. It's definitely one of my new favorites! I highly recommend it #allthefeels!

Sunday was definitely the polar opposite of Saturday. It was jam packed! We photographed some new marketing/website photos for our church bright and early until about lunchtime. Then we grabbed a quick lunch and celebrated one of our sweet youth group gals 13th birthday! We count ourselves blessed to be able to spend so much time with so many of the teenagers in our church. These are some amazing kids!

We swung home, changed clothes, and then spent the rest of our evening with the youth group.
When we got home we watched the latest episode of This Is Us (so, so good), and as sappy as it sounds, it just made me really excited to grow old with Caleb. I've always known it, but there is something so special about a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. I'm so thankful for that guy of mine!

I hope everyone's had a great week. I'm trying to get back into my old groove of blogging consistently, and really write about what's been on my heart. Excited to sit down and just write some more!

Happy Hump Day, friends!


  1. I've been having a hard time blogging too so I'm doing it when I can. Mostly mine is finding the time as well but it will happen when it happens.

    Hacksaw Ridge was good, I agree and I love This is Us!

  2. PUPPIES!!! I almost cry at every puppy adoption event we go to or see haha- I WANT THEM ALL! Ps- I think your blog is due for some updatessss ;)

  3. I saw Hacksaw Ridge months ago and I'm still not over it! THE BEST MOVIE.

    Oh my goodness, I worked myself into a frenzy before every review. I knew I was a good employee, but I always managed to convince myself I would get fired and then was genuinely shocked when I got great scores. I don't miss those at all!

  4. I just had my annual review a few weeks ago and same thing! I panic about it and then it turns out I worried over nothing! Great job though!! :)

    Puppy adoptions would be SO tempting!! We have been wanting one too, but my parents just got one and they only live a mile away, so it's convenient to stop over there and get our puppy fix! Plus we don't have to worry about housetraining and waking up at night! It's perfect!

  5. I can't wait for you guys to get a puppy so I can get all the puppy snaps!!! :) But all in good time :D I've only seen the first episode of This Is Us...I'm hoping for a good snow storm where I can just marathon it and cry the whole time :P

  6. How could YOU possibly get bad reviews on anything?? So glad everything went well with your meeting!

  7. Yay for good review! Woop woop! Those are nerve wracking!!

  8. If you get a puppy, let me know. I'll let C come play with it because we don't want a dog but he can't stop asking for one.

  9. You're definitely not alone! I usually try to sit down every so often & make a list of topics but then when it comes time to write them I either draw a blank or just feel overwhelmed with other stuff & don't write.


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