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Friday, October 14, 2016


If every Friday started out the way today did, I wouldn't be mad. I had a new shirt ready to wear (that I bought WEEKS ago with a gift card and its just been hanging in my closet), I didn't get stuck behind any school buses on my commute, and two separate co workers surprised me with treats (a cinnamon roll donut and a mountain dew...sugar coma, anyone?).

We had a great week, it was definitely busy, but it was great. Monday and Tuesday I was able to edit my face off and relax at home on the couch. We aren't "behind" on edits, but we're trying to keep up with them so we don't consume the free time we get this holiday season with editing 24/7.

Wednesday evening we watched my brother-in-law help coach his 7th grade football team. Some of these kids are crazy talented for their age! It's always fun watching family do something they really enjoy! I've always thought the two of them (Caleb and Jared) would make an amazing team. They both seriously belong on ESPN with their own show. They know more stats than you can even imagine, and NOT just about their favorite teams; but about everyone! I always picture them getting their own talk radio show one day ;)

Some other highlights of the week;

-When my man surprised me with an order of queso last night after a long day of work.

-Caleb got instagram this week. He used to have one and hadn't touched it since last January so he decided to start one up again!

-Getting my face wash order from R&F. I used Unblemish about a year and a half ago to clear up some acne and scarring I had (high school was a blast for me... I wish there was sarcasm font), and it was amazing. When I ran out, I just never reordered, so I'm really excited to start using it again!! I always just assumed adults didn't break out as they got older, but oh, how wrong I was!

-Receiving a nice thank you card in the mail unexpectedly!

-Realizing my hair appointment is 4 days away. These roots need HELP!

-Snapchat. I may or may not have googled inappropriate pick up lines and sent them to Caleb with a ridiculous filter/voice change while he was upstairs last night. I made myself cry from laughing so hard.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned. Tonight we've got a "fall kickoff" with our church that includes a huge bonfire, tasty chili, and good company! We're excited. Tomorrow we've got our 27th wedding of the year and we're ready to rock it!


  1. I want to use R&F but my gosh is it expensive. I had terrible acne and have some scarring too (YAY puberty, you're my favorite!). Maybe I'll splurge once and give it a try. Do you recommend a certain line of R&F?

  2. What a great Friday!! I love sending Loren weird and creepy snaps when he's in the next room. We always end up dying laughing!

  3. What's your snapchat name? Im on there but havent done any of the fun stuff yet.

  4. I love that other people Snapchat their husbands from across the house, too. I do this all the time and always end up laughing SO hard! Happy Friday!

  5. snapchat filters always make me laugh :) i love making KC do the voice changing ones. did the unblemish stuff work for the scarring? i don't break out so much but i have lots of fun scars from high school too (yay). KC is the same with the stats... it amazes me how he just knows so much about random games, players, teams, whatever. how do you store that much information in your head?!

  6. Queso, down time, wearing new clothes?! Sounds like a pretty bomb week...especially the queso...really I'm just thinking about the queso...

  7. They can start with a podcast!! :) Yummm queso - A++++ husband move Caleb!! Enjoy your relaxing night tonight!!

  8. We probably would have been BFFs in high school -- I had some complexion issues too, and just throw in the scoliosis back brace and marching band and I was basically homecoming queen, lol! Matt doesn't have snapchat and it makes me so sad, but I still take screenshots of myself with the filters and send them to him. I'm sure it's the highlight of his day! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

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