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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Memories from Summers Past!

I've been looking back at old photos a LOT lately, so I decided to bring a few old favorites back to life and reminisce on randomness from past summers.

-This is honestly one of my favorite photos of Caleb and I! He was a groomsmen in a childhood friends wedding and we drove down to Memphis for it! It was the summer right after we got married so my hair was still crazy long, and I curled it (which I never used to do). I have to say this is my new hair goal. I've loved it short, but I'm ready for a change!

-Last year for my birthday we took a trip to Indy with our best friends! It was a lot of fun. The state fair proved to be quite the attraction with so much to do, see and EAT!

-YEARS ago when our friends didn't live more than 10 minutes from us, we went to visit sweet little Nora. Many of our summer evenings were spent with them! Its hard for us to live over 30 minutes from them now. We miss you, Young family!! This photo always made me so happy. She was "hiding" from him!

-Last Summer our church shut its doors the Sunday of Labor Day weekend (which we're doing again this year!) and we went out in the community to "rise and build". Some folks needed their weeds pulled, others needed help painting, others just needed food. Its a great feeling to give back!

-Last summer we spent a LOT of time at our favorite donut shop. What's bad is since we moved last September, we could literally walk there now. Maybe I will convince Caleb we can get our steps in by walking to the donut shop? ;)

-Two years ago, when I turned 23, these cuties helped me ring it in the right way. Erin made me a personalized checklist for the evening, we made hilarious music videos and just hung out eating way too much cake and ice cream.

-The time Caleb got me Paramore tickets for my 19th birthday! I was so surprised! He still leaves me this smitten.

-Two Summers ago when I was cooking like a boss, trying new recipes. Where did that version of me go? I hope she comes back! ;) hopefully next week...I've actually meal planned my butt off! Woo!

-One wedding last summer when OSU's Brutus showed up! What the what?!

Summer will always be awesome for its warm weather but MAN I am ready for some fall breezes, bonfires and new booties!

Have a great day, friends!


  1. Love the flashback! Such great memories. Whatever that food is that you made looks incredible.

  2. Photo credzzzz! ;) I loved that Memphis trip SO MUCH! I seriously smile and laugh anytime I think of the shenanigans of that weekend! And that casserole made me hungry- nom!

  3. I love your hair in that first photo! I think a walk to the donut shop is totally justified! :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE that hair. Gorgeous. Heck yeah - walks to get donuts? It's all about balance, girl. ;) Yes, the Indy State Fair is quite the party. Wheat and I just went a couple weeks ago. It's amazing how many of these things I remember from your blog! Love it!

  5. Oh man, those donuts! Love that you guys go out and help the community!

  6. I think I like your hair long, too. I'm still growing mine out so we can go through this together.

  7. I love your hair any way! Haha, but really, you are definitely a woman who can pull off the short look AND the long look and look smokin' either way! Hair flip.

  8. I love what your church does on Labor Day! That's so awesome!! I love your hair short but it looks pretty long too! I always see pictures of myself with long hair and want to grow it, and then when it's long I see pictures of it short, and want to cut it!

  9. aww i love looking back on memories, so fun! and that first photo of you all is gorgeous! i can see why it's one of your favourites.

  10. That picture of you and Caleb from the Paramore concert is so cute! My tummy rumbled when I came up on the picture of the food, good luck with meal planning!


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