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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One great weekend!

It was so nice having a free weekend. I guess its not a "free" weekend when its filled with plan after plan, BUT it was nice getting to pick my camera up to document our lives, not just someone else's. Don't get me wrong, shooting weddings is one of my favorite things in the world, but everybody needs a break!

Friday night my mom came over to help me with this giant 2016 tissue paper sign I wanted to make for my brother's family party the next day. It took us hours and hours...oh and MORE hours, but it was so worth it. It really became a focal point of the party and Brandon loved it! It was also a blast hanging out with my mom all night We ordered a pizza and blasted the Mumford and Sons pandora station until midnight. Time like that with my mom doesn't come by very often, so I savored every second. I love laughing with her!

The next morning I ran around picking up a few things for the party, and then we celebrated my bro some more! This party wasn't his "official" grad party - but since my mom was in town, and Caleb and I will be working during his big one (its a joint party with 3 of his other friends), we wanted to do something more intimate for him!

My Grandpa made these biscotti "diplomas"! How adorable?!

I also printed a ton of photos and hung them up between the beams in the building!

I actually ended up getting a pretty terrible headache that afternoon so we both took our own naps when we got home! Once we woke up, we popped in a movie to start our night and just had ourselves a blast spending some quality time together!

Sunday after church we met up with my Dad and his wife, along with our Great Grandma for lunch! The weather was amazing!! Brandon even got his first piece of Miami apparel!

We relaxed for a bit once we got home, and then had a "friendly" game of kickball with our church!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, too! Do anything fun?


  1. Looks like quite a wonderful weekend, love all your fabulous pictures sweet friend.

  2. What a great weekend for parties - I hosted my sister's bridal shower, its on the blog!

  3. Looks like a really great weekend!

  4. I love the biscotti diplomas! What a cute idea! The decor looked great!

  5. Congrats to your brother! Your sign came out great!

  6. Everything came out amazing, love the sign! Congrats to your brother :-D
    Green Fashionista

  7. That tissue paper sign is awesome! Was wondering about your mom - glad you got to spend some quality time together! Hope she's doing well!

  8. I'm loving that tissue paper sign. How cool is that?! Definitely worth it for the pictures, right? Such a blogger thing to say. Also, the biscotti diplomas are probably the cutest graduation food I've ever heard of. Your brother is going to Miami?!? I didn't know that!! I must say - it's probably the best choice he could have made. ;)

  9. You and your mom did so great on the 2016 numbers- even if it did take all night!! :) Glad we were able to celebrate with you guys- your whole family is so great!!


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