Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Goals!

Another month, another goal post. These are some of my favorite prompts to write AND to read. Even when I don't reach all my goals from the previous month, its still fun to try and make them happen.

My goals for April were maybe a little too crazy for the busy month that we had planned - with a 1st birthday party, going out of town, shooting 4 weddings and attending 1, co-hosting a baby shower, lots of photo sessions and lots of after work meetings - it was hard to accomplish all of it. So instead of looking back - since I  kinda sucked at most of them - I'm going to focus on May and keep looking forward!

Run a half marathon. Okay I'm kind of cheating with this one since it already happened on Sunday...but I'm still pretty excited that this is checked off ;)

Plan a date-day with my man! We actually have an unusual amount of free Saturday's this month and I'm pretty pumped about it!!

Drop off our Goodwill box. We've had a huge donation pile building in our bedroom and its becoming quite the eyesore. We've got everything from clothes to books, and basically anything in between, so it'll be nice to get it out of the house and finally donate it!

Utilize our new gym. We just joined a new gym a few weeks ago and while we made a few after-work trips together, I'd like to step up my game. They have an indoor track with a small hill so I'm looking to use that more! I also really miss lifting!!

Drink more water. I'm typically a huge water bug by day, but I feel like I could step it up once I'm home for the night. Along with this, I should make it a goal to clean up my bedside table. It's always full of my pre-bed glasses of water! Anyone else guilty of that?! Caleb is always getting on me about it - hehe!

Use my Amazon gift card. I've had this thing since my birthday - its ridiculous. We're trying to cut back this month to pay more towards our debt, so this is a good way to splurge without any guilt! I've been eyeing this fun watercolor pen!

I hope everyone has a fun month ahead of them. May it treat you well ;) see what I did there?! This is also the month of our 3rd anniversary, so we'll see what kind of fun we have planned for that!


  1. I am very guilty of not spending gift cards or forgetting about them. I don't know why, and I'm not a fan of getting them unless they are like food which I know we'll remember to spend.

  2. April was definitely a busy month and seemed to be gone in the blink of an eye! I could definitely step up my water intake. Happy Tuesday!

  3. I desperately need to go through my closet and donate like a third of the clothes in there, its necessary. I have left a bag of clothes to donate in the trunk of my car for like a month before though!

  4. It's not cheating at all to already be able to check off the half marathon! I am also very guilty of having water sit on my bedside table. Oops.

  5. I'm glad you guys have lots of free Saturday's this month for a change!! :) Enjoy every single second of 'em! And definitely use up that Amazon giftcard before your NEXT bday gets here hehe

  6. Yay for date saturdays! Those are the best!

  7. i honestly don't understand how people hold on to gift cards. how?? KC gave me one to target yesterday and it is literally already spent haha. and girl i am the WORST at drinking water at home. i am basically a fish during the day, but not at home.

  8. Good luck with your goals!!

  9. I'm totally with you on the water habits. I've got a nice refillable cup and a great water fountain at work, but the second I get home, I completely drop the ball. And I can feel myself getting dehydrated, too! Good luck with achieving that goal — and your others as well! :)

    Hillary | www.flinntrospection.com

  10. I leave empty water bottles everywhere including my bedside table - my car is always clean except for the water bottles. Ha! Good luck with your goals this month! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  11. Good luck on your goals! I'm going to try and drink more water and use an amazon gift card I got a while ago too :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com


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