Monday, April 4, 2016

My April Goals!

April is finally upon us, friends! It's crazy to me that time continues to keep flying by. Caleb and I had a great, long weekend, but today I want to focus on looking forward in April! We've got lots of fun planned for this month! With a new month comes new goals, but I do want to take a look back at my March goals; which weren't terrible. I am disappointed in myself for a couple of these, but really proud of myself for some others. In March I wanted to...

Better organize my photos: I'm giving myself a big fat FAIL on this one. I did delete a TON of photos, but didn't necessarily organize them better. What I really wanted to do was purchase a new external HD or two and completely separate wedding photography from our personal life. I can't wait to permanently scratch this off my list.

Finish a book: I didn't even start one. In my defense I've been doing a Bible study, but haven't finished a novel in a while. I love to read, just need to make more time of it!

Run without stopping: YES YES YES. I am so excited. My goal was to run at least 3 miles without stopping as I'm going through my training. I'm happy to report I ran 4 miles with no stopping. I'm so much more hopeful about our upcoming half (which btw, is under a month away)!

Make 3 new side dishes: I won't be too hard on myself. I did make new things this month (new entrees and a new dessert), so I'm giving myself a win on this one.

See a new movie: Yay! We saw both Zootopia and Batman v. Superman in theaters! It was fun to date my man as much as possible last month!

Send out shower invites: done and done! Most of the RSVP's are in (better be, the shower is this weekend!!), and decorations are finalized. Can't wait for it!!! 

Onto my April goals!

Get over 100K steps in a work-week: my record in a work-week hustle challenge with my Fitbit was last week at over 93K! I'm ready to push myself harder and make it into the 100K's!

Spring clean: I've found several good spring-cleaning checklists that I want to put to use this month. Cleaning more than just "surface-level". I want to scrub our tub, vacuum every room, clean out our pantry, etc.! Cleaning keeps me in a good mood. I often find myself getting in "cleaning moods" RIGHT before bed.

Drop a couple pounds: I'm by no means "overweight", but since our wedding I've gained quite a few pounds. Since my most out-of-shape-weight, I've lost 4 lbs, and that feels great! Seeing results is a great feeling. Since we've been (generally) eating healthier and working out 4-5x/week, Caleb and I are both feeling so much better!

Narrow down our vacation spot: Since our family vacation got cancelled due to some things out of our control, Caleb and I are on our own now! Which is kind of a blessing in disguise. As much as we love our family vacations, Caleb and I haven't taken a solo vacation since our honeymoon, so its exciting! We have a couple places in mind, but we'd really like to narrow down and make our decision.

Order a wedding canvas: We have plenty of wedding photographs printed (seriously, hundreds), but I want a focal photo hanging in our living area. Whether that be a canvas, an architect print, etc.! I love our photos and I want to be reminded of that amazing day all the time!

What are YOUR April goals?


  1. Ooh that will be so fun to go on a vacay just the two of you! What places are you thinking about going to?

  2. Congrats on all the accomplishments in March! Great list of goals for this month- I've definitely been in cleaning mode as well. :)

  3. Lots of green in March, way to go lady!!!! Woohoo vacation planning, so exciting, I wanna know the deets!

    Keep up the great fitness work! I'm cheering you on.

  4. Look at you getting in ALL the steps!!

    Ummm, Texas is a really fun place to vacation, okay? It'll be like 110 degrees in the summer with 100% humidity---what's not fun about that?! ;) Freddie and I haven't done a solo trip since our honeymoon either and we can't WAIT to get one in someday soon.

  5. I feel you on the wedding weight...I definitely wouldn't be fitting back into my dress LOL!! I'm hoping my ab challenge helps with that!! Vacation planning is the best! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. 93k in a workweek hustle!? That is impressive! I just did one last week and had 53k and that was tough to get! I need to step up my game I guess, pun intended! :) You're going to have a great April!

  7. Good Luck on those April goals girl - you got this!

  8. Great goals for the month!! Can't wait to see where you and Caleb decide to go :)

  9. You rocked your March goals!! 4 miles without stopping?? I doubt I could even run 1 without stopping lol. Your April goals are exciting!! Planning a vacation and having a wedding canvas!!!! Please share where you order your canvas at. We still haven't printed any wedding pictures, but I'm hoping to get some printed this summer! Good luck with your goals!! :)

  10. Run without stopping, that is seriously what I pep talk myself into every time I start running ;)

  11. oh no! sorry about your family vacation, but yay solo vacation! KC and I hadn't ever been on a solo vacation until our honeymoon, and now, not gonna lie, I hate travelling with other people but KC and I fit so well lol. But family is different!

    good job on running and everything!! Seeing results really is a great feeling, you go girl!

  12. I literally have no idea how people run more than 1-2 miles. I have NO endurance when it comes to running, so I think you're amazing.


    I got fresh fish from Kroger (garlic tilapia!) and it was THE BEST DINNER EVER. Thank you so much for posting that tip! James and I were giddy over it, haha.

  13. These are great. I really like that you are breaking down goals and doing specific ones each month. Probably a good idea for me too. I do my yearly goals, but then I kind of let the months fly by. I'm getting stuff done, but I think I could be much more efficient doing a monthly goal or 2. :) Can't wait to see where you choose for your vacation. My husband always wants to choose a cruise. Lol!

  14. You did awesome last month, especially with the running! And loving your April goals, I need to get on that spring cleaning too <3
    Green Fashionista

  15. Okay seriously the cleaned thing?! I do the same thing! What is that about? 10pm rolls around and suddenly all I want to do is clean the bathroom and dust. Why.

  16. You kind of forget how good it feels to exercise and eat healthy until you get back into it again. Michael and I have our ups and downs with that, and we're just getting back on track again and I'm feeling so much better. I really want to get back into running--I doubt I could even do two (maybe even one) mile without stopping right now!

  17. Awesome job last month! I think that's a total win. 100k steps in a week?! That's a lofty goal, but I know you'll do it! I also need to get some deep cleaning done around the apartment (and cars). We're long overdue.

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