Friday, April 15, 2016

A few Friday letters!

Dear Friday, I am so happy you're here!!!!! Sure, we may have to work this weekend, but it's still nice to be in "weekend mode"!

Dear dance class, you made me so happy yesterday. It was awesome, and I'm so sore! It was a good mix of hip hop and contemporary styles. Of course, trying new things is always a little scary, but everyone was insanely sweet - which, for some reason, I kind of didn't expect. I thought I'd be the annoying new girl who didn't know any of the choreography and that I'd basically just be in the way the entire hour flailing my body in the wrong direction. Dang - was I wrong!!! ;) okay well sometimes I wasn't super coordinated, BUT everyone was SO sweet, encouraging and FULL of high fives - which I loved!!! Dana (mu fav co worker) and I had so much fun!

Dear weather, you've been AMAZING the past couple days. We're shooting another wedding this weekend and its supposed to be amazing out. This meme made me laugh though, because here in OH, you can truly never be too sure.

Dear Heather and Phil (aka my Aunt and Uncle), congratulations on FIFTEEN YEARS of marriage!!! What an accomplishment. My Uncle and I are very close - he was the one who baptized me on my 18th birthday, and over the years my Aunt has become one of my very best friends. I'm so thankful for them both. They are spending their weekend in Tennessee to celebrate their anniversary! Aren't they cute?

Dear McAlisters, I forgot how delicious you were!!! Your bacon spud was fantastic!

Dear friends, thank you for your support on my post yesterday. It means so much. Today is the 2 year mark of my Grandpa's passing and your prayers are so appreciated today!!! Does this man not have the best handwriting!?

I hope everyone has the best weekend!! :)


  1. Woohoo for dance classes- how fun!! :) And Heather and Phil are just adorable♥ 15 years, that is so awesome!

  2. Wow...that is beautiful handwriting! I've been wanting to do a zumba or dance class, but I'm always super intimidated. It's nice to hear that you had a pleasant experience. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for good weather this weekend! Also, HELLO, bacon spud - I need you in my life.

  3. Dance workouts are theeee best! I love zumba. I would be totally into doing a hip hop dance class too, even though I look super awkward doing it haha. That Drew Carey meme is the best because 1) Whose Line is it Anyway is HILARIOUS and 2) the weather is totally like that here too! Happy anniversary to your aunt and uncle! Sending love your way today. And I have to say, his handwriting is great!

  4. That definitely is beautiful handwriting! So sorry for your loss, but it's always amazing to look back and remember the fun memories. Have a great weekend! :)

  5. oh i had McAlisters for lunch! but i had a plain spud because i am super boring, but it was amazing. that's so cool about dance class, i'm always afraid of trying new things in case people are mean, but they never are, so i don't know why i'm afraid. have a good weekend!


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