Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Birthday Wish!

Today is one of my very best friend's birthdays!!! :)
Ignore our overly burned skin. We weren't used to the Punta Cana sun.

I am so thankful to have known Erin these last (almost) seven years. SEVEN YEARS?!? I can hardly believe its been that long. There aren't many people you can talk to basically every single day and never run out of topics to discuss.  There also aren't that many friends you come across in life that truly make you a better person. Erin is always there to pray, support, and encourage Caleb and I whenever we need it. I know I can go to her if I just need a good laugh, but can also turn to her when I need some advice, or to even vent about who knows what. She's one of the few people I can be insanely weird around and not feel totally judged (mainly because she's a total goofball herself, and I mean that as a compliment- hehe)...

She is so special to so many people! My family has basically adopted her as their own...

It's been so fun going through life's big adventures with her, like being there on each others big wedding days... traveling the world together... spending evenings making ridiculous music videos and taking hundreds of photo booth pictures...

...or just simply celebrating every Bengals win together - we're always having a blast!

Erin, I hope you have an amazing birthday today!!! I can't imagine life without your friendship, and I'm thankful I won't ever have to! You're truly like my big sister, and I can't wait to see you become a momma to this sweet baby in a couple short months. Love you, soulmate!!!!


  1. Aw looks like you all are the best of friends! It's always nice to have someone that you can relate to so well :)

  2. So so so cute! Looks like you two have shared lots of good times!

  3. Such a wonderful post for Erin!! It's wonderful to have a friend that's also family!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Hi... crying over here! Love you and so thankful I get to call you FAMILY!!♥

  5. So can I just be honest and say I had NO idea you guys were sisters (I mean, I know not by blood but you know) until the day of her shower and you Instagram'd and I was like, "Wait...I recognize that Insta that...?" and then I saw her Insta and I was like WAIT WHAT?! Hahaha mind = blown. I love those pictures of you two at your weddings. Such a good call recreating it!!

  6. awwww you guys are seriously the cutest. it's like you were meant to be sisters ;)

  7. Aw what a sweet post . I love following you both. What a blessing to have the relationship you have


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