Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Half Marathon, here I come {progress report}!

Sunday afternoon I ran. I FINALLY ran. It's been a LONG time, and now I remember how much I like to run, and why I like it so much (you know, when my legs don't feel like they are going to fall off). While my feet pace along the sidewalk, I don't think about the troubles of my day or the worries I have about the future. I feel optimistic about the stressful days we may have ahead, and that makes me want to run even more.

Caleb is the one who convinced me to get out there Sunday afternoon, and he went with me. I'm surprised he even convinced me, I just ate a big lunch and dropped Becky off at the airport, so I kind of just wanted to flop on the couch. BUT! We both knew we had to start training. Oh thats right, we've officially decided to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon again!! 

We're planning to run tonight after work, which will mark 4 days in a row now! I haven't felt this great in a long time. When I went to the Doctors last week, and saw the scale, it wasn't a great feeling. Trust me, I don't define myself by the number I see on that scale, but it was quite the wake up call that I cannot continue being lazy. Seriously, the only things that fit comfortably anymore are my socks.

Something about running just makes me feel more productive. When I try to be better in one aspect of my life, the rest just kind of flows more naturally. Just like when I read my Bible in the mornings. When I spend time with The Lord first thing, I just have a better perspective on the rest of my day. I'm happier, more optimistic and want to take better care of myself.

Last night, we spent our evening rushing around from running outside, to a church meeting, then to  go grocery shopping. We didn't make it home until nearly 9, but having good food that'll keep us on track throughout the week has become a priority to us.

We now have a little under 10 weeks until our half marathon, so I've got a long way to go! BUT! I'm dedicated to really training this time. I think it'll be great motivation for me and be something fun for Caleb and I to do together again.

How's your week going?


  1. You've got it! I love your paragraph that starts with "something about running..." YES!

  2. Go, go, go Kayla, you've got this!!!!! I hope the weather cooperates so you can get your training runs in! Make sure you're stretching a lot too!

  3. Go, Kayla! It's your birthday...I mean, half marathon training day! I'm eyeing those delicious looking raspberries there in yo basket.

  4. Whoop whoop! You go girl! There really is something to being healthy in one aspect of life and it trickles down to the rest. I think we're going to start training for one of the Disney marathons :)

  5. Go get 'em!! PS- When we talked about this a couple weeks back I definitely was thinking you were just doing the FP 5k haha, duh me! You got this!! :)

  6. You guys got this, no problem!!

  7. This training round is going to go great!!! I love that you and Caleb are going to do it together! Spring is coming and the weather is only going to get better for running! Woohoo :)

  8. this is awesome! congrats girl. lol @ the socks. i feel you there! i get what you mean, i don't let the scale define me either, but it's still a wake up call when it's higher than you'd like. good luck with this training girl, can't wait to follow along!


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