Friday, February 19, 2016

Deets of my week.

It's Friday and I'm so thankful! Some days of this week flew by, but most took forever. Thankful for silly emails with friends, super hot tea, and snapchat filters that are insanely pointless but most of the time, crazy comical.

I've been stalking Etsy all week looking at adorable aunt/uncle onesies for our FIRST NEPHEW! The struggle of being a first-time Aunt is real, guys...and by "a struggle" I mean I don't know how my bank account is going to survive! ;) juuust kidding. Kind of.
Earlier in the week, we had dinner with my Aunt & Uncle. She made homemade sweet and sour chicken and OH my word. The recipe was perfection! So you know I plan to post about that soon! She was so cute and had an entire Chinese meal planned. Almond butter cookies, fortune cookies, fried rice, the works!! I love my family!

I've never had more soup and tea any other time in my life than I have this week. Panera for the win!

Becky gets in town tonight!!!!!! I am so stinking excited I can hardly stand it!! We're grabbing dinner tonight and going wherever the wind takes us the whole weekend. Hope you have some fun planned, as well! :)


  1. Panera broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl is my jam! I love that stuff! :) That onesie for your first nephew is adorable!!

  2. It's hard to say no when buying things for nieces and nephews. I have 9 at the moment, #10 is coming in October and #11 is being planned so I've had to limit myself to buying for bdays only BC even at Christmas it gets to be too much!

  3. Soup in a bread bowl is a favorite of mine. Love Panera's broccoli cheddar. I have a copycat recipe that's excellent! :)

  4. That onesie...I die!!!! So stinkin' cute!!!!! My office orders Panera way too often for meetings and I indulge in their delicious goodness way too often lol. Have so much fun this weekend!!!!! :)

  5. I don't think I've made soup once this winter, fail. I know that little one will be SPOILED!

  6. OMG I don't know the last time I had broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl at panera. From now until I eat it next, it will consume my thoughts.

    I need that sweet and sour chicken recipe!

    Can you tell I'm hungry?

  7. I FEEL YOUR PAIN on the aunt struggle! I want to buy all the things. I check out the sale section in target almost every time I go in because I love the little girl clothes, not that my niece needs any haha.

  8. Your aunt's dinner sounds like so much fun! Ever since my niece was born in July I can't help but look in the baby department of whatever store I am in!! Get ready to add that into your budget! :)

  9. Hahahaha the onsie made me LOL I am an aunt!

    Allie of ALLIENYC


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