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Thursday, January 14, 2016

A small list of wants with my man.

He's always sleepy after dark. Me? Wide awake!
Because I'm bored and need a distraction from editing all these photos, here's a small list of things that Caleb and I want to do together in our little lifetime:

Go to Disney World
Visit the West Coast and stick our toes in the Pacific
Buy our first home
...and decorate it like Joanna Gaines would...
Get out of debt (which will be happening this year - woo!!)

Have babies (no, not yet!)
Read a book together and actually discuss it.
Get a couples massage.
Own a small property at our favorite spot in the world (HHI)

Visit Australia
Get a real Christmas tree one year!
Bless strangers for no reason
Get a dog (that doesn't shed)

Hike in Hawaii
Visit Italy and eat as much as we want
See the Bengals win a Superbowl (or at least go)!! #whodeyforever

...I also wouldn't have minded if we had won this huge power ball lotto ;) we had a little date night last night and discussed over dinner what we'd do with all that cash flow. It's a crazy thing to imagine, scary almost! We came to the conclusion we'd keep it a secret, keep a little more than enough for us, our friends and family to live VERY comfortably, build a new church for our community, have lots of fun with, and give away the rest. I can't imagine having that kind of cash!

Anyway - have a great Thursday friends. It's almost the weekend!!! Woo!


  1. These are all great wants!!! So exciting to be out of debt this year!!!!!! :D:D

  2. Great list, so many wonderful things to look forward to, right?

  3. Keith's work went in on a few tickets and he told me he wasn't going to go to work today if they won, even if it was a little, just to show what the big winners do. However no one here I know won anything we all should keep dreaming!

  4. Love this list. You're ALWAYS welcome to stay with us in Cali ;) yay for being debt free!! We start our journey for real in Feb. & we're pumped. It's so hard for us to come up with good numbers in our budget..not to much not too little. I guess it's just trial and error. Which sucks for a perfectionist that wants it right month 1. Ha!


  5. Such a great list! Being able to get out of debt this year is awesome!

  6. Read a book together and actually discuss it! I would love to do that with Mark!

  7. YES to owning property on HHI, my nana lived there while I was growing up and it's just so beautiful there! And I fully support you coming to Disney and then you'll have to meet up :)

    Green Fashionista

  8. hiking in hawaii was one of the most awesome things i've ever done. definitely do it sometime in your life!

  9. Disney Disney Disney!! :) Please let us know when you pick out a HHI property and we'll buy one in the same neighborhood!


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