Friday, October 23, 2015

Dear pumpkin smashing teenagers...

Dear people who think pumpkin smashing is fun: get a life. Sure, its a well known (immature) tradition for teenagers, but get over yourself. You about ruined our night last week when we came home from a long day to find one of our BEAUTIFUL pumpkins smashed in the middle of the road. So, Caleb had to pick out a new one at Kroger over last weekend. Luckily, his new one is just as awesome, but still...why do some people think its fun to sneak onto the front porch of a strangers home and steal their decorations!?!

Dear people who don't smash pumpkins: you rock. Thanks for being nice.

Dear Friday: I'm so happy you're finally here. This was another busy week full of endless meetings, 3 engagement sessions, and timeline calls.

Dear Jenna: thank you for wearing the coolest outfit ever to your engagement session last night. We're all obsessed.

Dear tomorrow's wedding: can't believe you'll be our 26TH WEDDING of the year!!! Only a few more to go for the year and we get a (very) small break.

Dear gym: I'm really sorry I haven't visited you in a while. This has been the busiest month ever and I hope to see you really, really soon!!!

Dear fall decorations: I never want to take you down - shoutout to Emily for this cute piece!

Dear meal planning: you really do pay off, even if sometimes you take forever to sort out! I have some tasty meals planned for the next couple weeks!

Dear Becca and Angie: thanks for meeting me for dinner this week! I know we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, but I'm excited we're all making more time for it! Catching up with friends is the best.

Dear Caleb: only a few days until your birthday and I am so excited to celebrate you for a few days!!!!
love his goofy smile face.
I really hope everyone has some exciting plans for the weekend! I'm using a vacation day Monday so Caleb and I can enjoy a long weekend (since we have to work Saturday) and celebrate his 27th birthday. Woo! Have fun, friends!!!


  1. Ugh what a bunch of buttholes! We haven't carved ours yet but I'm almost nervous to stick ours out front too. Kids these days... Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Man, I used to just drive around looking at all the cool Halloween decorations, eating Halloween candy, and listening to Halloween music. I was such a lame kid!!!! ;) That's horrible that that happened. Pooey on them.

    Happy Caleb's Birthday Weekend!

  3. Teens are jerks! I might have been dumb, but I would never have done that. To me, it's destroying someone's property- NOT OKAY in any form!! Yay for pretty dresses, dinner with friends and a long weekend ahead! :)

  4. I can't believe kids still smash pumpkins (although I still love The Smashing Pumpkins music), I'm sorry your pretty pumpkins were ruined. But yay for your 26th wedding, I'm sure the pics will be gorgeous.

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. So sad to hear about your pumkins :( I would be pretty frustrated, too!! Hoping they don't touch your new one! I was just thinking about when we have to take our fall decorations down and how sad I will be, but then again we'll take them down when we put up Christmas decorations, so I won't be too sad!! Now taking Christmas decorations down, that's really going to be sad LOL.

    WOO HOO for a Monday off!! Have fun celebrating your man!! :)

  6. Ugh, sorry about your pumpkins! I had plans fall through on Sunday, so I get to spend Saturday night and Sunday with my stepmomma and I'm pretty pumped, we're going to go to church and then I get to watch her play hockey Sunday afternoon :)

  7. whhhaaaaaat?! why are people so mean? pumpkins aren't cheap either! :( that outfit is craze amaze! seriously, i die!

  8. Pumpkin smashers are the WORST! I'm scared for my pumpkins lives out on my porch every day and hoping no one does that to mine. I'm glad you were able to find a good replacement. Have a wonderful long weekend!

  9. So many weddings you guys have done this year!! Crazy!!

    I'm actually shocked our pumpkin has stayed intact....we live at the opposite end of the street from a college, and there are regularly pumpkins smashed on our street! Glad ours has survived so far!

  10. Ugh pumpkin smashers...that certainly makes spirits go down.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Pumpkin smashers are the worst! Our whole street was littered with smashed pumpkins a couple years ago and probably the majority of them were kids' :(
    But have a blast with your long weekend and birthday celebrations!!

  12. Ugh, pumpkin smashers are no good. I just bought our pumpkin today. Our neighbor's house is overflowing with them and I feel like she was making us look bad, lol.

  13. That stinks about the pumpkin smashing! Some people are just lousy!!! I hope they don't do the same thing to your new one. And that dress she wore is GORGEOUS!

  14. I'm taking a vacation day Monday too. My friend is coming all the way from Brazil for a few days and it called for a celebration! Pumpkin smashers are no fun. A couple of Halloweens ago Brian and I spent hours carving his super cool pumpkin and the next day it was already missing a piece.. too bad the culprits were squirrels! lol we haven't done a pumpkin ever since! lol

  15. Ugh. I've never got the whole pumpkin smashing thing. Or mailbox smashing. Why is it fun to damage other people's property? WHY CAN'T YOU BE A NORMAL ASSHOLE AND TOILET PAPER EVERYTHING INSTEAD?! lol
    26th wedding of the year?! AY CARAMBA!

  16. wait.
    people smash pumpkins? seriously? that is really rude.


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