Tuesday, September 1, 2015

20 things.

1. I'm officially obsessed with my bluetooth speaker. Caleb and I can do our own thing throughout the apartment and be jamming to the same song. Last night? A whole lot of Miley. Go ahead, judge us.

2. My wisdom teeth are officially pushing through and I'll have to get them removed soon. So, that's cool..... did I mention I have five of them?!!??!?

3. I've been wearing my Nikon OUT lately. 2 engagement sessions + 2 weddings in 1 week. But I'm loving it!

4. I read that Urban Meyer made students who wore blue to his class do push ups, and I think that's pretty hilarious, and pretty freaking awesome.

5. Delivering photos to brides and grooms makes me feel like Santa on Christmas Eve. It genuinely makes me giddy!!

6. One of my favorite little gals on the PLANET started pre-school yesterday. She had to wear a uniform and it was the cutest thing EVER! Marie told me as she ate breakfast that she asked "Do I look any bigger momma? I'm a big girl now!"!!! Be still my heart.

7. The other day someone asked me what my blog title even meant... hmm, potential blog post??

8. Being in the process of moving has been so therapeutic, we've thrown out a LOT!

9. Drying hair is overrated. It takes too much time. Why can't it dry itself?!

10. Speaking of hair... styling it is overrated, too. Caleb still thought I was cute with THIS hairstyle the other night, so you know, he's a keeper. OH, and he made us Grippos crusted chicken last night out of nowhere.

11. Since we're moving, I've discovered a new way to pack clothes, and yes it involves a garbage bag and it rocks. Saves a lot of time vs. folding/unfolding!

12. I'm excited for REAL football to start. Yes, pre season is cool, but now that it's September (I'm sorry, what?!), I'm ready for the real deal.

13. Which means I'm also ready for my sister in laws famous "Crack Dip"...
Erin's original post
14. It's HOT in Cincinnati this week. I won't complain though, we've had a pretty good summer! HOWEVER, I'm kind of ready for Fall. Especially since I ordered the cutest Loft cardigan with my birthday gift card!

15. Speaking of Fall... I've never had a PSL. Whoops.

16. Also, how is it SEPTEMBER?!?! I think we all can agree on this: fastest. year. ever.

17. Is anyone else as obsessed with Home Goods as I am?! Obviously I love it since its part of the Marshalls/TJ Maxx fam, but ugh, everything is so cute...and pretty affordable!!


19. Lists are my favorite. Honestly, its insane how many lists I keep a day.

20. & last but DEFINITELY not least...my sister in love and the awesome, Amy have teamed up to bring you "Plan in Color"!!! It's exactly what it sounds like. Stickers + more organization to make your planner not only organized, but even cuter. Go ahead and follow them on Insta right meow, so you can see all the adorable stuff they've been planning. Trust me, its gonna be cute! I've even heard possible talk about camera stickers...do you even know how HAPPY this makes me?!

Have a great day, friends!


  1. So much yes to this post. We registered for a bluetooth speaker and I'm really hoping we get it! Urban Meyer just became even cooler to me. I couldn't agree more about drying and styling your hair - and that's exactly why I don't do either. Sure, my hair completely freezes in the winter, but those 20 extra minutes of sleep are completely worth it. You already know how ready I am for football. CANNOT WAIT.

  2. Oh no! Boo hiss boo on the 5 wisdom teeth - eeks! I'm so ready for fall and all the things that come with it. It's still blazing hot down here in sunny Florida but I'm trying to channel the cooler temps. LOL! I'm so excited for ya'lls move!

  3. If you're talking about the whole just stick a garbage bag over a ton of clothes and tie it over the hangers THEN YES THAT WAS MY LIFE WHEN MOVING!

  4. LOVED the Urban Meyer story, too funny and so awesome! GO BUCKS!

    I hope it stays hot in Cincy this weekend since we are up there to visit family. It's our last pool weekend and I'd love one more tan day :)!

  5. 5 wisdom teeth, how is that even possible? I only had 2 break thru and they didn't bother me but the dentist wanted them out before they could even have a chance to so I did a few years ago and honestly (and this is saying a lot because I hate pain) it wasn't as bad as I had heard people say it was. Just stock up on soft foods and enjoy being waited on :)

  6. I LOVE Home Goods too! I have to not go there or I spend way too much money. And yay for New Girl!!! I'm so ready for a new season! Did you know they are now playing re-runs on TBS?? Just thought I'd throw it out there, not sure if you have cable or not. I may or may not be DVR-ing all of them!

  7. Your poor teeth! :( Hopefully you have some serious relief after they get removed- and honestly, my recovery wasn't too bad from that so I hope yours is easy too! Dry hair is totally overrated. Crack dip is life. AND I love your face :)

  8. 5 wisdom teeth?! I didn't even know that was possible. Praying for you! I know my whole mouth ached for days while mine were coming in. Our photographer text me last night and said she would be mailing us our wedding pictures this week and I'm pretty sure everyone in our apartment complex heard me squealing lol. I have already made 2 lists today and it's only 11:00. I love making them, too!! I fall in love with Home Goods every time I walk in that store. SO many cute things!!!!

  9. Ahhh drying and styling hair.. ain't nobody got time for that! That's why as soon as my wedding is over (46 days!) I am getting like 6 inches chopped off, I can't wait! And NEW GIRL OMG I cannot wait! When is it back? I looooove that show :-)

  10. Having wisdom teeth out is not fun, especially when the drugs they give you make you act "interesting". That crack dip sounds yummy!

  11. Ok listen. Getting your wisdom teeth out sucks, I won't lie. Let me tell you a story: I got mine out at 14. THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING. They also made me watch a video beforehand informing me that I might die. You won't die, I promise. I'll spare you the rest of the details until after your surgery ;) Just eat lots of mashed potatoes and ice cream!

    I'm furious over this heat. Last week was gorgeous and wonderful, and I went on a walk 5 hours ago and I think I'm still sweating. At least we have New Girl.

  12. I had to get my wisdom teeth out in high school and cried the wholeeee time, well until they made me pass out haha. The last thing I remember sayings as that Julie was going to bring me chocolate pudding when I got home and she did haha. I was so scared but luckily it ended not being so bad! I had to get 4 out and you'd think that my twin would have to too right?! Nope, he just has one and the doctor was like well maybe if it starts to bother him….WHAT! So much for sharing everything! I can't waittttttt for fall - I need it! I've never had PSL either! I'm not sure a huge pumpkin fan though. I can't wait to check out Erin's shop - I know it's going to be amazing!!!

  13. So because someone has to tell you... PSL isn't worth all the hype. Maybe with the change this year of adding LEGIT PUMPKIN it will be something worth obsessing over. But as it, it's something that I could give up easily!

  14. Just found your blog and I love it! And I have so many comments lol
    1. Miley's music is awesome but I just can't handle her ...extroversion these days. Esp at the VMAs the other night.
    2. I had my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago and not gonna lie, it wasn't the best but it's better than dealing with long-term dental troubles! Just make sure they out you out nice and good lol
    3. I can't wait for football this weekend!
    4. My hubby and I visited Cincinnati a month ago for the first time and looooved it!
    5. Please go have a PSL right this second! So yum.
    K. I'm done. I'm sorry.

  15. I am so with you on the bluetooth speaker. Matt and I got one for Christmas and LOVE it. We are going on vacation on Friday and already have it backed so we can still listen to our music! :) That crack dip sounds amazing!! I am definitely going to have to make that this fall!

  16. So sorry to hear about the wisdom teeth girl...I thank my lucky stars that I don't have any. But don't be too jealous I have other cool stuff going on with my pearly whites. Amen to the drying hair and styling it thing. Both take way too long which is why I hardly ever do it. Last night when I was getting my hair done the stylist spent forever blowing my hair dry layer by layer, section by section as part of a keratin smoothing treatment I had done. Her poor arms must have been ready to fall off by the end of it. And I just have to tell you that you're not alone in never having a PSL before but I did try a sip of my beastie's pumpkin iced coffee and it was AMAZING. Makes me wish I wasn't trying to cut back on my iced coffee addiction!

  17. yes to hair drying! i normally go to bed with my hair wet because i can't be bothered drying it. and definitely blog post about the blog title, i love to read where people got their blog names from!

  18. PSL are not that good, i tried one and never again. get on the dirty hair train, then no washing! TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Homegoods takes all my monies and i dont even care because i feel like im getting such a great deal... ok i gotta catch up, your moving!!


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