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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Things that are underrated...

Monday evening I got home around 930, and Tuesday around 830. So to say just being home last night was amazing is a complete understatement. It got me thinking about how many things in life are "underrated", like.....

...having your grandparents over for dinner, just because...

...a good photo booth picture...

...having a clean apartment...

...a sweet text from an old friend...

...when your man cooks dinner for your family...

...the sound of a harmonica, soo beautiful!! old fashioned root beer float...

...a good book, the power a book has over me is crazy. I mean, some nights I can't even sleep!

...that gorgeous glow around sunset...

...a good photobooth session with your SIL...

...the smell of Fall... come on, you know its a thing ;)

...a good hair day (they rarely happen).... m&m's, does anyone else love those as much as I do!?

...clean sheets... nothing like curling up in bed after a long day to the smell of fresh linen!!

...blogging. I seriously love it. I may not be the best, or the most creative, but I can always count on this little corner of the internet to make me smile. Thanks to everyone who continues to read my rambles!! ;)


  1. Isn't it amazing at how the smell of fall and clean sheets make the world feel that much better. I love the smell of fall and clean sheets are so relaxing. Love the photo booth props.

    Trina @
    Walking My Own Path

  2. Love this post idea, lady! I'm gonna have to borrow it. My husband LOVES root beer floats, I prefer a coke float.

  3. I use to get those little containers of mini m&ms all the time and tell myself they were healthier than eating the big ones but someone crushed my dreams (thanks little brother. Eating the minis just make you want to eat more though ;)

  4. what a cute post idea. and the smell of fall, i love it! i'm hoping i might get a taste of it when i'm in cincinnati in a couple weeks because lord knows it'll be november before louisiana gets a hint of it.

  5. ah! mini m&ms! i used to LOVE those. I would put a bunch in my hand and then pretend to vacuum them up.. with my mouth.. i was like 10, okay? it was funny at the time lol.

  6. Ooooh I love root beers and yay for dinner with your grandparents and your hubby cooking! And can we talk about how much I love that dress you're wearing in the first pic - gorgeous!

  7. Clean sheets are my jam. I wash them more than necessary to get that clean smell and feel. ;) Also, the smell of fall is SO a thing!

  8. I'm pretty sure root beer floats are the way to my heart. For real! Fall...I love fall, but I hate the dreaded season after and clean sheets...let's be real, I don't think there's anything better than that.

  9. The smell of Fall... makes me feel all the feelings. It's like I come alive once the world is full of Fall.


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