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Friday, August 21, 2015

Sweet little Friday letters.

This was one of the fastest weeks I've had in a while! Trust me though, I'm not complaining. I love the feeling of looking up and seeing the clock past lunch. Caleb and I have kept up with eating healthy (other than Wednesday when I didn't get home until 8:30 and he asked me to pickup Chickfila...and when the husband asks for Chickfila, he gets it.... mainly because I always want it).

I used to "link up" all the time with other blogs, and now I am so out of it. I've gotta get back on my blog game, and I'm not afraid to admit it. So, I figured I'd come back with a letters series, today.

Dear super-hot-substitute teacher-husband.... its your first day on the job as a high school substitute teacher. I'm SO excited for you. You've inspired me this week with how calm and at peace you are with the whole situation. You truly feel called to do this and I know God has equipped you for this new, exciting journey (back story, this is his dream...and he's put it off for so long, he wants to be a full time teacher, but we're putting one foot in front of the other to start with)!!
what's a Friday without a little pop-art.
Dear grilled chicken: you've been amazing this week, but I've got to mix it up. Stalking my own boards to find some new recipes this weekend!

Dear Pinterest... thanks for getting me through 9-5.

Dear Cincinnati Reds baseball... I'm kind of over you. Football is back, and it has my heart.

Dear fantasy football... I'm so pumped for you. We have 2 leagues again this year. One with church, and one with family. We're equally pumped for both and I have to start making potential selections. The picture below has nothing to do with football, but I COULD jump for joy at the thought of winning a fantasy league ;)

Dear Dubsmash... thank you for entertaining me for a ridiculous amount of time, especially this week.

Dear tomorrow's wedding: thank you for keeping us at only ONE location all day. Those days are honestly our favorites. Little stress, no chance we'll leave anything drive time. Bonus points that its only about 15 minutes from our apartment. We've shot at this location before, remember Kelly + Mauricio from last year? Ugh. Gorgeous.

Dear Dunkin Donuts coupons sitting on my counter... someone needs to throw you away before you get used.

Dear soon to be newlyweds... in a matter of 2 weeks time I will have met with 7 new couples. It's crazy awesome how unique each of your days are going to be and I'm pumped we get to be a part of it!!!! :)

Dear weekend... although you'll be busy, I'm looking forward to enjoying it all with my man. Whether its on the couch with a movie tonight, at the wedding tomorrow, or at church on Sunday...I'm just excited to have a couple days away from work!


  1. Good luck to your husband, lady!!! I know he will smash it!!

  2. SEVEN new couples?! You. Rock. Also, have y'all ever watched The League?'s pretty hilarious and I don't even really get football or fantasy humor.

  3. Best of luck to Caleb! As always, so ready for some big loud WHO-DEYs around here. We have a fantasy league and I've been arguing with my dad over whether or not to have a live or auto-draft. I want live, but he insists on auto. UGH!

  4. That popart makes Caleb's eyebrows and your eyes look SO awesome haha! :) Hooray for subbing, football, Pinterest and weekends!!!!!

  5. Love this types of random posts! I hope you have a great weekend and good luck to your husband with his new endeavor!

  6. Good luck to Caleb!! That is so exciting!!!! Love the jumping picture of y'all, adorable! And YES Pinterest always helps when it gets a little slow in the office ;) Have a good weekend!!!! :)

  7. I love that Caleb is following his dream!! Good luck to him today!! I bet the kids will love him!
    Always Chickfila, always!!
    Enjoy your weekend friend!!!! :)

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  9. We fell victim to the call of Chick Fil A this week too! :) Oh well, we ate healthy except for that! Everyone needs a little CFA once in a while!

  10. Chicfila is an exception in every persons diet.. And dunkin donuts coupons can be used over here.. It's a weekly treat over here .. And good luck in fantasy football.. I won our league last year so I have my work cut out this year.. Happy football season

  11. I loved Friday letters! And I'm with you, I'm so out of the blogging crew, I don't even know what link ups are out there anymore!


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