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Friday, August 14, 2015

End of week rambles!

I put a post on instagram this week talking about the type of person I wanted to I want to be the type of girl who wakes up before the sun to read her Bible and actually enjoy breakfast at her own table instead of in her cube at I want to know my worth fully, instead of letting jealousy creep in, and how I want to begin hitting the gym more, even when I feel like skipping and being a lazy bum... so I've made some changes this week to make sure those things happen. I realized that no one but ME was stopping me from doing those things, and it makes me pretty happy!

We hit the gym hard a couple times this week and last night Caleb nearly killed me. My arms felt like limp noodles driving home, but it was kind of awesome.

We made some pretty delicious (& might I add, healthy) dinners this week on the fly, and they all turned out amazing! We had enough for lunches all week and it made me feel better knowing I was treating my body well!

I got so many sweet gifts/cards in the mail the past week or so, and one of them was this hilariously awesome, unique bracelet; "You are better than unicorns and sparkles combined, and you're prettier than a superstar". When I wear this and look down to read it, I've gotta say, I feel pretty darn awesome.

Caleb also forced me to spend my couple birthday gift cards this week. I don't find it very easy to go shopping. Even when I budget for it, I have a hard time spending the cash on t-shirts and flats, it was nice having money set aside for a specific location to ensure I left with stuff! I got some amazing stuff on super clearance that I'm really pumped about! Marshalls for the win!!

I hope everyone had a great week!!!! We have some fun low key plans tonight, a wedding to photograph tomorrow and hopefully a day to relax on Sunday. Enjoy, friends!


  1. I feel as if you are the type of person who sets your mind to something, anything can happen! You have a wonderful sense of drive and determination!
    Happy Weekend, Kayla!

  2. Having meals planned/prepared for both lunch and dinner definitely is a win! I love that bracelet, so so cute! I have a hard time spending money on clothes too...I LOVE shopping, but I always have buyers remorse no matter how much I love my new finds.

  3. You are seriously so adorable! I love your positive attitude and the fact that you make the most out of every day. Whenever I read your blog posts, I leave feel inspired and happier! You are capable of amazing things, never forget that. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. i used to be really bad about jealousy, but i am so much better now that i am older and a bit more secure in myself. it's hard though. go you for going to the gym and eating well! i struggle with that so much lol

  5. I'm the same way with shopping, even with gift cards. My family likes to joke with me that I never get them because I won't spend them as fast as others do. I say its because I'm waiting for that must-have item or the really good clearance, ha!

  6. Have fun photographing the wedding tomorrow! And can we talk about how much I love that necklace you're wearing in the last pic? Gorgeous!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  7. I went to Marshall's with my mom last weekend because I need clothes for our vacation and I hate buying them too! I love trying them on but actually paying for them is the tough part for me! But having my mom there was a good encouragement-she wouldn't let me leave without getting some outfits! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Your Instagram post inspired me because a lot of those things are things I want to be doing too! And it couldn't be more true, we are the only one standing in our way from becoming the type of person we want to be!

    I love that bracelet! It's the perfect reminder for when you're stuck in the comparison trap.

  9. That bracelet is so funny/cute!! I love it! :)


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