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Monday, June 29, 2015

Our entirely free weekend!

Our weekend was the perfect form of recovery from our insanely busy last week! Sports Camp was a huge success...we got to hang out with hundreds of kids, be outside all week, and spread the love of Jesus! I was CRAZY tired all week so I think the little break I took from blogging was exactly what I needed, so thanks for sticking with me!

Friday after Sports Camp we went home and worked our little butts off editing a ton of gorgeous photos..two weeks ago, we ended up buying Caleb an older, used laptop from Craigslist and he's already edited an ENTIRE wedding. Not only has it been fun teaching him more about the details of the software, but it means the world that he's helping out!

Saturday was an amazing day for us. As much fun as we have photographing weddings, it was a much needed weekend off after 7 wedding weekends in a row. Something very exciting happened (more on that tomorrow!), and then the rest of the day was pretty ordinary. However, ordinary was PERFECT. We grabbed Skyline... went grocery shopping... took a long trip to the library... and went home to play video games and watch movies. It was everything I wanted our day off to be!

Sunday we enjoyed a morning full of worship and church, then I got to visit my bestie Lyndsie while she was in town! She brought me back some neat stuff from her recent trip to New Zealand and I freaking loved it. She's wonderful and I'm so thankful I got to see her for even just a quick hour!

After that, Caleb and I took a trip to the pool for a couple hours. It was glorious! We've made it to the pool a ton this year already and its been awesome to spend so much time outside. For some reason last year we stayed cooped up a lot in our living room and I'm glad we're changing our habits!

We finished our evening with breakfast for dinner (always a good idea) and a few episodes of The Office. We have an insanely busy week/weekend ahead of us so I'm just trying to take it one day at a time! I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend, too!!


  1. that sounds so amazing! I have yet to go to the pool this season (can you believe it!?) Sundays are usually terribly busy for us so we never get a chance. Mondays our neighborhood pool is closed so it's very sad..

    Sounds like an amazing weekend though. Sometimes the ones like that are the best :)

  2. So glad you got some time off! You always have such fun weekends!

  3. Ummm, is that chili?! Because I don't even like chili but I want that whole plate right now!! Haha! Glad you had a low-key weekend, I know it was much needed!!

  4. I'm happy to hear you had a relaxing weekend before your busy week! You're just rubbing it in with that amazing picture of your Skyline. ;) Kidding, but man do I miss it... The pool sounds glorious right about now, but it's pouring rain. This summer has been so weird with the weather! It never seems like the good days coincide with free time with pool relaxing! That's awesome that Caleb is helping out with the editing. I'm sure that makes a world of a difference! Can't wait for your news tomorrow!

  5. Pretty sure I just drooled a little looking at that Skyline photo!! ;) So glad you guys had a weekend to do whatever you want- you deserved it! Also can't wait to see/hear what Lyndsie brought you back!

  6. Wow is that a gamecube controller? Talk about a blast from the past :)

  7. You choose to spend your free weekend very well! :) Still dying every time I see your skyline pictures! I need that cheese mountain in my life ASAP! And you too of course! :)

  8. I too kept myself cooped up inside last summer for some reason and I don't know why! I don't have a pool to lay out buy but I have been getting out the zero gravity chair to soak up some sun while reading a good book. I love how tan I'm getting! And I've never had Skyline but that picture makes me really want to try it! Guess I need to find the closest one to me and make it my mission to get there some day.


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