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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Currently: containers make me excited.

It's been a hot minute since I've posted a "currently" or "lately" series...and its a random Wednesday, so why not? I like these posts because they are just enough when I'm not feeling extremely inspired! So here's a look into a few currents of my life lately;

Reading: Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Yes, it's true that I started this book LAST JULY on vacation with my family, but I didn't finish and since we've returned home from that vacation last year I hadn't made ANY time for reading. Well, I'm so excited that I've changed that. Caleb and I are making more time for things we love now, no more excuses!

Wanting: every maxi dress ever. I have a couple, but I need a fancier, more wedding-appropriate one. Preferably one thats not a "t-shirt" material...BUT! I still need to be able to move around easily in it! Any ideas?

Wishing: my Nanny the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! She's helped to raise me, taught me some of life's most valuable lessons, and makes me laugh almost every day. I wouldn't be who I am today without her... I love you, Nanny! Thanks for being a wild, amazing, silly grandma!

Loving: stalking my friends Reese & Renee's instagram. They recently moved to Hawaii and I spend a ridiculous amount of time drooling over their adorable images. The love they have for life is infectious!

Drooling over: this lunch I packed for today. Seasoned tilapia, baby carrots (hummus not pictured) and my afternoon snack of cheese (rice cake & fruit) also not pictured.

Looking forward to: the last weekend of the month. We have 3 more weddings until then and while I'm VERY much looking forward to them, a full weekend with no plans sounds pretty appealing right now! :)

Thankful for: that husband of mine. I had a consultation after work last night and he offered to go grocery shopping at the same time. THEN after HE cooked dinner, he suggested that we hit the deck with our books in hand and just enjoy each others company. Pretty sure I fell in love with him all over again. He's a smart one, that man.

Excited about: the new containers my husband surprised me with! I love new, its a problem.

Enjoying: all things photography equipment. Seriously, I spend more time than I'd like to admit dreaming of all the lenses and gear I could buy if money wasn't an issue...anyone feeling generous!? ;)

Proud of: My cousin. She just turned 8 on Monday and we got to celebrate her all evening long. I drew her this tiny little chalk crown and we had way too much fun. Makes me want to buy a chalk set and be a kid again. I love her to pieces...and can't believe how old she's getting! She and her brother are my only first cousins, isn't that nuts? #tinyfamily

I hope you all have a fantastic, hump day...and because no, it never gets old...


  1. I'm a container fan, too! I also love bags, like 31 Gifts' Large Utility Tote. I am forever hauling stuff for my kids to the pool and they work great for groceries, too.
    Enjoy your Wednesday!


    This maxi is on it's way to me, and i am PSYCHED. Dressier, but still comfy ... i'm in!

  3. It's Hump Daaaaaaay! Okay, so I was at Target two days ago and they had a ton (read: seriously a ton) of "nicer" material maxi dresses. Which I remember thinking was cool since they usually only have a ton of the jersey kind. Hopefully all Targets have them :)

  4. Those containers are too cute! I'm a huge fan too, I get way too excited in The Container Store. It's probably the Monica Geller in me that wants everything super organized. And I've been wanting all the maxi dresses too... so many adorable ones at Target and F21. If you're looking for a fancier one for a wedding, I saw some gorgeous ones at Express the other day. Go in there armed with one of their many coupons and you'll be set to go with the perfect wedding appropriate maxi for a great price ;-)

  5. Yessss maxis all day every day. Check out Hazel and Olive- I've gotten a few cute ones from there that are a little nicer (actually the one I wore to the OH blogger meet up last year is from there!).

    One of my favorite things to do is just hang out on my back porch with a book in the evening. So relaxing!!

  6. Oh my I love maxis too - but I'm too short with some of the cute ones :( However if I buy the skirts, I can roll them over and they are perfect!!

  7. That container is amazing! Perfect for a packed lunch. I accidentally threw away an actual fork that I brought from home the other day and didn't realize until it was gone. Ugh. Your grandma looks so young and pretty - those are good genes to have! Haha!

  8. OK yeah their instagram account is amazing-- stalking now! Love that container!! I have a salad one like that where the fork fits on top AND a little spot for a container of dressing, so handy!!! :) Happy Birthday to Nanny!!!

  9. You are adorable! I don't know why my comments won't let you reply, but that won't stop me from commenting ;)

    Reading books during summer is a must! And l'm not a photographer, but I drool over a nice DSLR camera.. If price wasn't an issue I'd get one today! I'd love better pictures for my blog. Your niece is adorable, and today is my grandma's birthday too! :)

  10. I love when you do posts like this - love that container for work lunches and 19 minutes was awesome!! Reading is seriously the best...yay me time!

  11. Um, that is the coolest lunch container ever! I love things with divided sections. Pretty impressed with the yummy and healthy lunch you packed in it. And yay for reading time!

  12. I wish we had a deck so I could read outside in the evenings - that's my favorite! With all this world cup soccer on I've been watching a lot of TV but once it's over I'm going to spend more time with my nose in a book! Haha that container is awesome!!! I just love organizing things - even my lunch :)

  13. Kiki la rue is one of my favorites and their maxis are drool worthy!!!!

  14. I've never read a Jodi Picoult book yet. I've heard good things though so at least one is definitely on my to-read list. Fun containers for packing your lunch make it a little bit easier to do. I'm kind of jealous. :)

  15. I just got a cute maxi dress that would be wedding appropriate at Old Navy - seriously - it was 50% off. Such a great deal :)

  16. Girl, I am wearing maxis all day every day! I love them. How have I never discovered them before now?!


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