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Monday, June 8, 2015

A weekend for the books!

I wish weekends were longer. Seriously, I feel like Sunday night comes SO quickly, and I hate feeling like "ugh, Mondays", but I kind of can't help it. I'm trying to be better at feeling thankful no matter WHAT my weekend plans are, no matter HOW quickly they go by...etc. So even though its Monday, I'm crazy thankful for the awesome weekend we had. We packed in a TON!

Friday we started out the evening with some awesome friends at a new local Mexican joint and of course, played hours of Catch Phrase...can't go wrong with that! We had so much fun and stayed up WAY too late! We slept in Saturday and had some down time before our eighth wedding of the year. EIGHTH! I honestly can't believe we've already got that many under our belt or the 2015 season. Like always, we had a blast but this one was particularly entertaining! We got a new favorite photo booth picture together, and loved their backdrop. That was a legit life size N & K marquee and yes, it rocked...and yes, her name was Kayla. So, of course she rocked too ;)

In usual fashion here are a few sneak peeks from this (model) couple's wedding day (again, annoyed with Blogger for not uploading my photos at their full resolution and still haven't found a solution, but get the gist).

Sunday Caleb and I hit up some yard sales and I got a pretty bad sunburn...somehow we forgot it wasn't going to be cloudy and left the sunscreen at home. We scored a couple cool vintage video cameras and a funny action figure for Caleb. Not sure that it was worth the over 35 minute drive, but we got Skyline after it so I was a happy gal, and of course, spending time with my man is always awesome.

Later that afternoon we had a "summer kickoff" for the youth group and I tried to even out my tan lines (unsuccessfully, if you were wondering)! We had a blast with the kids, playing games (for HOURS, I was so out of breath) stuffing our faces with food and just having a great time!
I'm in the black, and that's Caleb in the dark green on the bottom right ;)

My weekend was just awesome... and I hope yours was too!!


  1. What a fun weekend! I'm glad you guys got lots of fun outside of working at the wedding too. I don't even know how to play ultimate frisbee.... I've never done it!

  2. What a fun weekend - do you guys offer the photo booths with your company or is that something separate?

  3. Such a fun weekend!!! Dom and I were in your city this weekend :) we got burnt too. That photo booth picture is adorable!

  4. As always, your pictures! SO GORGEOUS! I need to track down an old video camera myself. Garage sales aren't a bad idea, especially if you follow them up with Skyline! Glad it was an awesome weekend! Only a few more days until the next one! ;)

  5. That photo of the groom (I'm guessing) reminds me of something you would see for The Bachelor. Looks like a fantastic weekend. I need to work on my tan legs have a serious tan line from when I burnt myself earlier in the summer.

  6. Woohoo for fun weekends. I always love seeing your wedding photos on your blog! I'm so glad you had such a good weekend. It's always hard for them to come to an end but it does mean we are one step closer to the next weekend!! hehe

  7. Such a fun weekend!! I love that bride photo and I hope your redness is fading fast!

  8. I feel like you guys have a pretty good weekend routine now! Friday night hang outs, saturday wedding, sunday fun with church!!! :) Just can't wait to replace saturday wedding with becky weekend one weekend soon!! :)


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