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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A little progress report.

So June is officially more than halfway over... how did that happen!? I honestly don't get how time flies by so quickly but that just makes me more thankful for this little blog of mine! Getting to look back weeks, months, even YEARS has brought me so much joy! ANYWAY! Since we're making our way into the second half of June...I thought I'd update everyone on my June goal progress;
enter random summertime photo because what's a post without a photo.
To use Myfitness Pal again: pretty much a success! There have only been a couple days in the beginning I missed, but I'm making a ton of progress. It's really helping me watch what I eat/drink!

Drink more water: everyday (except wedding days, ironically, which is when I seem to need it most)  I've had at least 80oz of water. I know I can do way better (I used to drink well over 100oz/day), so I'm going to try and crush this goal the next half of the month! HOWEVER! I have only had 4 tiny ounces of pop this entire month. This is crazy for me!! I'm pretty proud about this one.

Get back in the gym: okay, confession. I haven't done very amazing at this one...I've only worked out a couple times. But in my defense? It's because I've had SO MUCH editing to do...but exercise insanely important to me so I'm going to quit with the excuses and hit the gym more these next few weeks. I do have to say though, my eating has SIGNIFICANTLY imroved in just 2 weeks.

Make our wedding album selections... womp womp...not yet. But now that I've checked in, I'm already working with Caleb to see when we can sit down and make our favorite selections! It's about dang time, right? ;)

Finish 2 books: almost there! This is a huge goal for me!!!! I've really made more time for this. Reading is one of my favorite things to do and I'm hoping to make this part of my everyday life again!

Relax more: check. We've made it to the pool FOUR times since its opened and that's double the amount of times we went all summer last year. I'm getting a little tanner and that makes me a happy girl! I feel more like myself when I make time for me... and I think that's awesome.

How are you doing on your June goals? I want to hear!


  1. Great job! My favorite is the last one - making time for yourself is SO important!

  2. Yay for reading - so glad you found your way to at least 2 books!

  3. OH MY GOSH. Make your wedding selections already! You will be so happy to cross that off :)

  4. You're doing great!! Still have 1/2 a month to finish off all of them- you can do it! :)

  5. You're doing awesome girl! I've been totally slacking with my fitness pal, I love being able to track all that so I need to get back on that horse :-P

  6. Woo! I think this is progress to be proud of! I'm especially glad you're making time for yourself. You deserve it (and those books)!

  7. I have a goal to read more books this June and I'm doing pretty well! I'm reading The Light Between Oceans right now and it's so good! I missed reading!

  8. I'm loving this post! You are doing awesome, love! I would love any good recommendations on books you have! Xoxo


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