Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Surviving 9-5.

Don't get me wrong, I'm insanely grateful to have a full time job M-F...but its not always the easiest. Co-workers can stress me out, client calls continue to come in like crazy, my inbox gets flooded...some days are easy, some aren't... but no matter what, there are a few things I just NEED to get me through my week at work.

Morning chats with my favorite co worker!

A cute necklace...something about a cute necklace (or any adorable accessory, really) makes me feel more professional...which in turn makes me work a little better. So maybe Caleb should start letting me buy ALL the cute necklaces?! ;)

Texts from my cute husband.

Emails with my soulmate. Seriously, Erin & I email daily. I'm glad I have someone like is it possible to talk to someone every day and never run out of crap to talk about/update each other on?!

Hot tea in my favorite mug.

My lunch breaks. Seriously, I'm lucky to get a full hour for lunch and while I mostly stay at work and edit photos on my break, my favorite thing to do is to take a lil trip to Target and marvel at all the things I can't buy.

Swagbucks. If you are looking to make extra cash while you are already working? Click this. It's legit, real cash... I take surveys, mini polls and watch videos and get "Swagbucks" that you can redeem for gift cards/cash.
this made me LOL...fellow SBers will get it.

My mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks...seriously, I think I eat all day.

Pinterest...lately I've been on a "digital organization" kick.


My brain is kind of mush right now... we have a very exciting weekend ahead of us and my brain is in total "anniversary/getaway" mode!! Can you blame me?! ;) happy hump day, friends.


  1. This post hit the nail on the head about working full time! Yes, we're grateful to have a job so we can survive but some days you just don't want to go for all of the reasons that having a job can be a bummer (coworkers stress me out too!). I miss the days of having a lunch break, just 30 minutes even. My current job doesn't really allow for a lunch break and most times I eat at my desk. I survive by sneaking in some blog reading when it's slow in the morning and no one is around to spy on me. ;)

  2. Organizing pinterest boars ABSOLUTELY counts as a productive day ;) And the Swagbucks meme is spot on as well- lol!

  3. HAHAHAH that last meme! also---i feel you about the necklace thing! except I feel like I have a hard time spending money on jewelry, so I always wear the same 2. hahahah need to diversify, I guess. I LOVE YOU!

  4. I think I pretty much do all of these things too to help me get through the day. Lol! But trade the tea out for coffee - bad, bad habit of mine!

  5. A friend and I use to email back and forth daily as a way of surviving the day, especially if it was the day after a bachelor/bachelorette show. However we both became busy that it happens no more :(

    So excited to hear about your away weekend - have fun, and say adios to the internet!

  6. Do you actually make $ on Swagbucks? I feel like it takes FOREVER.

  7. Love that statement necklace! And I used to go to target or kenwood on my lunch all the time and just window shop :)

  8. That's how you know you landed the perfect friend (or in your case, sister-in-law)! I never run out of things to say to my best friend, either and Wheat is always asking how that's possible. Still not sure how.

  9. Pretty much all of these get me through the the workday. And upcoming work functions with your coworkers outside of work. :)

  10. I agree, dressing cute makes me feel put together and makes me work harder! :)

  11. My soulmate is my best friend Jayme and yes if we don't talk at least a good portion of the day I feel like I'm missing a limb or some crucial part of my life.

  12. This is great! It's totally the little things that get you through a work day! Amen to Erin & Swagbucks. :)


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