Thursday, May 14, 2015

Last things on a Thursday!

It amazes me how many photos I take in any given week..seriously, thank goodness the free iPhones we got last summer were the largest ones (as far as storage space goes), because I have over 4.000 photos on my phone and that number grows daily. I have a love/hate relationship with that little "camera". Why? Because its SO insanely easy to carry with me instead of lugging around my big DSLR, but it also makes me THINK I need photos of anything and everything. I swear, before I was a blogger I really don't think I snapped photos of my food...but here I am, and I'm not even sorry ;)

Thursdays also mean random blog day... so I'm back with a "last things" prompt!

Last photo I took... got dinner w/ some friends last night and ordered the most delicious mashed potato pizza. #NOM eating outside was also amazing...since Caleb isn't a huge fan of doing it!

Last sunset I enjoyed...

Last thing I bought...a bunch of old school Disney pins from an antique yard sale last weekend.

Last time I was really happy? Walking hand in hand last night with my man as the sun went down.

Last dress I wore... apparently Caleb loves this dress and I've never worn it. Time to dig out the summer clothes!

Last song I was obsessed with? Touched the Sky by Hillsong United. O-M-G. Listen right now!

Last thing I did for myself? Painted my toenails. How is it that toenail polish can last through an entire summer, but anytime I attempt fingernail polish? It's gone the next day? That's why I don't even bother!

Last person I texted? My hottie husband, duh.

Last trip we booked? ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND GETAWAY! More on that to come tomorrow -- cause I need your help! ;)

Last post I bookmarked... find it here!

I have my third engagement shoot of the year tonight, followed by my husbands softball game that I hope I can make! Any local gals familiar with historic Loveland? That's where we'll be - and I can't wait! I'd also really like to do a whole post on photos I've taken lately...I miss doing that.

I have to say, the response and support I got from yesterdays post was so so uplifting...I can't thank you all enough. I'm one happy girl today!

Happy Thursday!


  1. That pizza looks divine and I'm jealous of the blog friend company, too! I wish I could find other Indy bloggers that hang out, but it just doesn't seem to happen here. Cincinnati has something really special! How cute is that wreath?! I love it for spring! I'm glad your spirits are lifted today! :)

  2. That pizza looks amaaazing! And I'm with you, eating outside this time of year is simply awesome!

  3. I love eating outside too. Also, I had a mashed potato grilled cheese last night which I thought was funny since you had mashed potato pizza! That wreath is sooo amazing, I might just have to get my DIY self in gear and do it!

  4. This "last" idea is so great!! Dining alfresco is one of my favorite things to do! Glad we are both smiling today, it's a great Thursday, hope yours is going wonderful all day long!

  5. haha why is that with nail vs toenail polish?? it's just not fair! and i love the sunset pic!

  6. That pizza looks good but I'm not sure about putting mashed potatoes on it - however it looks like one big potato skin, ha!

    So have you encountered places for pictures that require a fee to be on the grounds? If so, how does that work, do you pay it and charge them or do you have them pay it?

  7. These "last things" posts are so fun - going to have to remember for a day I'm feeling short on inspiration :) Was already sad I had to miss the dinner the other night, but now extra sad because that pizza looks darn good. Love your dress, and yay anniversary weekend getaway!!

  8. Ah man that pizza looks delicious!!! I love sitting outside so we can do that too when I visit :) I never get sick of watching the sunsets!! Glad it's been a good week!!

  9. That's such a cute dress! Love this post idea girl! And that pizza? GIMME!

  10. I really just want Mellow Mushroom when I see that first photo ;) And cute dress!! Where is that from?!

  11. I so agree that before becoming a blogger I didn't take pictures of my food. Becoming a blogger has just made me take more pictures than ever. I cannot wait until I can get a new iPhone so I can have more storage. Those dang pictures take up a lot of space.


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