Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Easter weekend!

Our weekend was fantastic. So fantastic, I decided to make it a 3 day weekend! Friday after work, we went by my Great Grandma Agnes' for a visit on her 85th birthday! We were also celebrating her birthday ON Easter but wanted to make a quick visit and drop some flowers off. I'm so glad we did, she said it absolutely made her week :) -- its the little things, people!

Caleb's parents were in town so we went to breakfast the next morning, then went bowling as a family! It had been so long, and I did surprisingly well on my first game (for me)... scored a 110!!

We went on a 45 minute walk hand in hand, we were so happy to have some free time! I even had time to journal, and the windows were open all afternoon, so I was one happy gal!

THEN! That evening we saw Into The Woods. Caleb is so NOT a musical guy by any means but lately we've been watching a ton of his movie choices, so he stuck it out. I HAVE to know what you all thought of it. I freaking love Anna Kendrick so I thought the movie as a whole was good, but when it came to what I thought was the end - turns out there was 30 more minutes. To me, it was totally unnecessary. I loved how they tied all the fairytales in together, but the last 30 minutes were just a little odd. For those of you who have seen it, waddya think?!

Sunday came, and it was Easter! I love this holiday, and am always so emotional at church hearing about the resurrection. I can't fathom what Jesus went through for us and it makes me SO thankful for the many blessings in my life! The church was packed and the worship was incredible!

We headed to my Great Grandma's party after, and guys...is she not the cutest?! We celebrated her all afternoon long!

We spent some time with Caleb's family again for a spontaneous dinner, and then we turned in early. Like I said earlier, I decided to make it a 3 day weekend. My brother marched in the Opening Day Parade yesterday, and it was a blast to be a part of, and support him at the same time! I'll post more on that tomorrow, maybe! Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!!


  1. I love Anna Kendrick, too! I haven't watched Into the Woods, yet, but it's on my list. When Mike and I started dating, we saw the musical on stage. I'm looking forward to watching the movie.

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Yay for a wonderful Easter weekend! Girlfriend, we are too much alike. Hunter and I watched Into the Woods just this Sunday night and I'm right there with ya. I loved how they tied everything in but when I thought it was the end, the darn thing kept going! I honestly fell asleep at that point. LOL!

  3. Into the woods! Into the woods! And out of the woods! And into the woods! <-----this is me singing these lines, by the way. Freddie was thrilled the day after I saw that movie because I sang the most annoying parts over and over ;) I'm totally with you, I thought it was over and then tragedy struck and I was confused.

  4. Love your Easter dress! And how cute is your grandma?? She is seriously rocking 85!

  5. This sounds like a perfect Easter weekend! The weather was (mostly) cooperating and it sounds like you had a lot of wonderful family time! I haven't seen Into the Woods yet, but I REALLY want to! Also, how cool is it that your brother got to play in the Opening Day parade?! That totally calls for an extra day in your weekend. GO REDS!

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I haven't been bowling in ages but always have fun when I do end up going.

  7. What a perfect weekend and how sweet is your great grandmother and what a blessing to celebrate her birthday!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  8. such a great weekend! love that notebook :)

  9. aw so cute. fun photos!


  10. this sounds like an awesome weekend! i can't wait to have one like this soon :) i love that you had time to journal. that's one of my favorite things!

  11. Aww grandma agnes looks so sweet!! This sounds like the best weekend! I'm glad you could enjoy the down time because I'm sure your next wedding is right around the corner :P So jelly of your skyline chili too!!!!


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